Where The Future Growth Point Of The LED Display Will Be?

Today, the concentration of the LED display industry continues to intensify. Under the current situation where the market space is relatively limited, finding an incremental market is the way to break through. More subdivisions to be explored are waiting for the addition of LED displays. Today, we will take a look at the market layout of the leading LED screen companies to see where the future market growth of LED displays is and where to go next.

Micro LED opens up market space, cost reduction and efficiency improvement are the prerequisites for scale

Driven by the needs of 5G ultra high definition display, intelligent interaction of all things, and flexibility of mobile intelligent terminals, various new display technologies are expected to achieve good growth in the corresponding subdivisions. On this basis, Micro LED display technology is considered to be the new display technology direction with the most growth potential in the future.

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In the latest screen company announcement, Leyard will achieve 320 million yuan in Micro LED orders in 2021, and a production capacity of 800KK/month. It has made milestone progress in COG research and development, and has improved the yield of mass transfer. Through the process Optimization and cost reduction; Liantronic completed the transformation of COB technology from “forming” to “mature” during the reporting period, successfully realized the large scale mass production of COB micro pitch LED display, and gained market popularity with high quality micro-pitch products. From the action layout of these leading LED screen companies, it is not difficult to see that COB and COG packaging technology will be the main technical route of Micro LED. According to relevant personnel, there are two main reasons why Micro LED has not yet formed a large scale. One is upstream chips, because the global output of Micro chips is small and the materials are expensive. The other is packaging, and the cost is high. If the cost comes down, the number of Micro applications will increase dramatically.

As the most important development direction of the LED industry in the future, Micro LED has opened up the next competitive space. The layout of the leading LED screen companies in the field of Micro LED technology has already begun. From the perspective of the application market path, Micro LED has been applied to large LED screen displays with small pitch (<1.5mm). In the field of VR/AR applications, the technical threshold requirements are relatively high, and a technical precipitation period is required.

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Layout of the metaverse, naked-eye 3D, virtual production to open up new scenes

The Metaverse, which exploded last year, ushered in a cooling-off period. With the introduction of policies related to the Metaverse industry chain by most governments, its development will be more standardized and rationalized under the guidance of policies. Under this opportunity, LED displays can to be the forerunners of building a “reality” metaverse, and technologies such as XR virtual shooting, naked-eye 3D, virtual digital humans and other immersive atmospheres have already been pulled into the “battle” by leading LED screen companies, especially under the policy of the “One Hundred Cities Thousand LED Screens” campaign, the outdoor large LED screen, especially the naked eye 3D LED display, is the most eye-catching.

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With the introduction of various policies, it is foreseeable that in the next five years, the development of the digital economy will become more and more inseparable from LED displays. The advent of the Internet of Things era, the advent of the digital economy era, is actually the advent of the display era. Seventy to eighty percent of human’s perception of the world comes from audiovisual, of which vision accounts for the vast majority. The reason why it is called the era of display, its basic logic is LED display, and with the maturity of technology, the price drops, the performance is greatly improved, and it is just around the corner to replace other types of products.

From the action layout of the leading LED video wall companies, we can see where the future growth point of the industry will be. The two key words of Micro LED and Metaverse will be hot topics in the future, and how will its specific development progress, we will wait and see. 

Post time: Jun-08-2022

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