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  • Indoor LED Display

    Indoor LED Display

    SRYLED indoor LED display can be installed various places, such as church, meeting room, 90 degree column and cinema. It has high resolution and vivid color to attract more audience.

  • Advertising LED Display

    Advertising LED Display

    SRYLED outdoor LED display is with IP 65 waterproof level, it can be used in all kinds of weather. High brightness 4500 - 7000 nits outdoor LED display, which can adapt to different external environments.

  • UHD LED Display

    UHD LED Display

    SRYLED can produce smallest pitch LED display P0.9, it can achieve real 4K and 8K resolution with small area. Besides, we also have P1.25, P1.56, P1.6, P1.8, P1.9 HD LED display to suit different activities.

  • Stage LED Display

    Stage LED Display

    SRYLED stage LED display is light and slim, they are easy to assemble and remove. One LED panel can be assembled in 10 seconds. All of our stage LED display has high refresh rate at least 3840Hz, to ensure good quality picture when photograph.

  • Poster LED Display

    Poster LED Display

    When turn off poster LED display, it can be used as mirror. When turn on, it can show videos and images for advertising. A perfect product for exhibition, bars, retail stores and enterprise front desk.

  • Car LED Display

    Car LED Display

    SRYLED car LED display is suitable for all kinds of car model, usually be installed on taxi roof. Its brightness can be automatically adjust (need to add a light sensor) in different time.

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