SRYLED P2.5 Indoor LED Display in Morocco Mall

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With the continuous advancement of technology, LED displays, as an efficient means of brand promotion, have gradually gained widespread attention and application worldwide. The successful case of SRYLED Display at the renowned Morocco Mall in Casablanca, Morocco, not only provides a powerful advertising platform for brand clients but also enables the mall to stand out in a fiercely competitive market.

1.Challenges and Opportunities

As the largest shopping center in Africa, Morocco Mall recognizes that brand promotion is a crucial aspect of enhancing its visibility and attracting customers. However, effectively conveying brand messages within the vast mall space posed a challenge. The introduction of SRYLED Display presents a unique solution, leveraging technological innovation to make brand advertisements more attention-grabbing.

LED Screen in Morocco

2. Solution

SRYLED Display provides a professional LED screen solution, offering customized screens for both indoor and outdoor spaces at Morocco Mall. The indoor screen spans 400 square meters with a resolution of P2.5, while the outdoor screen covers 500 square meters, boasting an impressive 6000 nits brightness. This solution not only meets the mall’s requirements for high definition and brightness but also performs exceptionally well in different indoor and outdoor environments.

P2.5 indoor LED dispaly

3. Investment Cost and Value

Morocco Mall invested 7 million RMB in integrating SRYLED Display, with 2 million RMB already invested. This investment creates a powerful brand promotion effect, attracting more brand clients and customers, ultimately enhancing the overall value of the mall.

4. Deployment and Collaboration

SRYLED Display was actively involved in the deployment and installation process, collaborating closely with the local installation team to ensure the seamless installation of the LED screens. Through training local engineers, the company facilitated remote maintenance and content updates, providing an efficient user experience for the mall.

5. Results and Benefits

The successful application of SRYLED Display has propelled Morocco Mall to stand out among local brands, elevating the mall’s visibility and reputation. The effective display of brand client advertisements has attracted more consumers, resulting in significant economic benefits for the mall.

6.User Feedback

Morocco Mall highly commends the product quality and after-sales service of SRYLED Display. The mall management emphasizes that SRYLED Display provides a top-notch promotional platform, delivering immense value to both brand clients and the mall itself.


The success story of SRYLED Display at Morocco Mall not only underscores the pivotal role of advanced technology in brand promotion but also serves as a successful benchmark for other commercial venues. As LED technology continues to evolve, SRYLED remains committed to providing outstanding LED display solutions globally, empowering brands to stand out in the fiercely competitive market.


Post time: Nov-23-2023

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