2023 Shenzhen Futian ISLE (SIGN CHINA)

The 2023 Shenzhen Futian International LED Exhibition (SIGN CHINA) focuses on the global mid-to-high-end advertising and East China LED markets, serving as the ultimate global LED industry’s one-stop trade and procurement platform. Recognized as the industry’s leading trendsetter, Shenzhen International LED Exhibition (LED CHINA) offers vast business opportunities and drives innovation in lighting technology.

Futian ISLE

Dedicated to building a high-profile, international showcase platform for LED high-end digital displays and LED advertising light sources, the event brings together the complete industry chain, from traditional advertising signage to high-end digital displays and digital billboards. It also extends to meet the demands of advertising media, digital signage, digital billboards, intelligent lighting, enhancing the diversity of exhibitors and products.

Futian ISLE 3

The exhibition covers crucial products and technologies in various lighting sectors, including LED displays. LED CHINA features a special section for LED large screen displays, presenting high-quality LED displays like irregular screens, full-color screens, advertising screens, rental screens, transparent screens, floor tile screens, LED light strips, and display control systems. These cutting-edge LED display products unlock endless possibilities for digital advertising, seamlessly blending the real world with digital technology.


Another focus is on LED packaging, LED chips, epitaxial wafers, and supporting materials. This special section gathers key technologies in LED manufacturing and packaging, providing insights into the latest developments and trends in the LED industry chain.

Transparent LED screen 2

Moreover, the LED lighting special section exhibits LED advertising light sources, landscape lighting, commercial lighting, and more, showcasing the application of LED lighting technology in various fields, including light strips, modules, rigid light bars, sign lightbox light sources, power supplies, etc.


 The 2023 Shenzhen Futian International LED Exhibition (SIGN CHINA) stands as the premier global trade and procurement platform for the LED industry. With its focus on high-end digital displays and LED advertising light sources, it explores the endless possibilities of future lighting technology. Visiting the exhibition not only offers insights into the latest lighting technology and products but also helps stay abreast of industry trends and developments. Let’s look forward to the surprises and innovations LED CHINA will bring, jointly witnessing a bright future for lighting technology.

Post time: Aug-04-2023

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