How to Make LED Display Fireproof?

The LED display is not so good in terms of fire protection, because it includes the external display screen, the internal wire, the plastic kit, the external protection and other structures, which are easy to catch fire, so it is a bit difficult to deal with fire protection. What can we do in terms of fire protection of LED displays?

The first point, in most LED display applications, the larger the display area, the greater the power consumption, and the higher the requirements for the power supply stability of the wire. Only use the wire that meets the requirements of the national standard to ensure its safety and stability. There are three requirements: the wire core is a copper wire conductive carrier, the cross-sectional area tolerance of the wire core is within the standard range, the insulation and flame retardancy of the rubber wrapping the wire core meet the standard, the energization performance is more stable, and it is not easy to short-circuit.

The second point, UL-certified power products are also the best choice for LED displays. Its effective conversion rate can ensure the safety and stability of the power load, and it can work normally even when the external ambient temperature is hot.

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The third point: In terms of the material of the external protective structure of the LED display screen, most of the LED display screen products with a higher fire rating are made of fire-resistant aluminum-plastic panels, which have excellent fire resistance, fire resistance and flame retardancy. It is also very strong, the melting point temperature is 135°C, the decomposition temperature is ≥300°C, the environmental protection performance, conforms to the SGS flame retardancy B-S1, d0, t0, and the reference use standard UL94, GB/8624-2006. The aluminum-plastic panels of general outdoor display products age rapidly with high temperature, rain and cold and thermal shocks, so that in relatively humid climates, rain and dew easily penetrate into the interior of the screen, resulting in short-circuiting of electronic components and causing fires.

Fourth point, another important part of the fireproof raw materials of the display screen is the plastic kit. The plastic kit is mainly the material used for the bottom shell of the unit module mask. The main raw material used is PC+glass fiber material with flame retardant function, which not only has flame retardant function, but also can not deform, become brittle and crack under high and low temperature and long-term use, and is used in combination with glue with better sealing performance. , which can effectively prevent the rainwater from the external environment from penetrating into the interior and cause a short circuit to cause a fire. SRYLED’s OF series LED displays are made of aluminum LED modules and have a very high fire rating. Suitable for huge outdoor advertising LED display.

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Post time: Jul-21-2022

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