How to Install Transparent LED Display?

The installation method of the transparent LED screen is much more convenient than regular LED display. The weight of the transparent LED screen is lighter and thinner, and the structure is also lighter. So, what are the installation methods of the transparent LED display in the scene?

The LED transparent screen is actually composed of countless light bars. The quality of the transparent LED display directly depends on the quality of the light bars, so the installation of the LED transparent screen is also very important. So how to install the LED transparent screen? There are 4 installation methods.

In different installation environments, the installation methods of LED transparent screens are also different. The common installation methods of transparent screens include hoisting, fixed installation, base installation, etc. The most common one is hoisting for stage dance, exhibition halls and other fields.

transparent LED display

Floor base

There are many common in glass windows, exhibition halls, etc. If the height of the LED display screen is not high, it can be simply fixed at the bottom. If the height of the screen body is high, it needs to be fixed up and down behind the LED screen to realize the fixation of the screen body.

Frame installation

Composite bolts are used to directly fix the LED cabinet frame on the glass curtain wall keel without any steel structure, and it is mainly used in the field of architectural glass curtain walls.

Ceiling mount

Indoor strip screens and frame structure screens can all be used for hoisting. This installation method must have a suitable installation location, such as a beam above. Standard hangers can be used for the indoor concrete roof, and the length of the hangers is determined according to the site conditions. The indoor beams are hoisted by steel wire ropes, and the outdoor and the LED screen are decorated with steel pipes in the same color.

Suspended installation

Wall-mounted installation can be used indoors, requiring concrete beams on the solid wall or at the suspension. Outdoor installation mainly relies on steel structure, and there is no limit to the LED display size and weight.

glass LED display

The above four kinds of installation methods are common LED transparent LED screen installation methods. According to different application scenarios, the type of transparent display screen selected will be different. No matter which installation method is used, the steel structure used in the LED transparent screen is very small, and it only needs to be carried out on the installation point or installation surface.

SRYLED transparent LED screen is ultra-light and ultra-thin. It is made of high-transparency and high-temperature resistant PC high-end material. It does not change color for many years, and it is easy to install without noise. It mainly has the following characteristics:

1. Ultra-light and ultra-thin, the transparent part is only 3mm.

2. Using high-transparency and high-temperature resistant PC high-end material, it will not change color for many years.

3. The perfect ultra-narrow design of the light board PCB can easily achieve a transparency rate of up to 60%.

4. Fanless power supply, quiet and noiseless.

5. It can be hoisted, stacked, fixed and installed.

6. The wire is completely hidden in the control box.

Post time: Sep-16-2022

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