What Technology Does 3D LED Display Used?

In the past two years, South Korea’s large LED screen and Chengdu naked-eye 3D spaceship giant LED screen have become popular, which has refreshed human understanding of naked-eye 3D display technology, and also means that 3D naked-eye technology LED displays have returned to the public’s sight. And with amazing display effects to bring visual shock to people.

The COEX K-Pop Plaza at Samseong Station in Seoul, South Korea, is the birthplace of the Korean wave. Just outside the COEX Convention and Exhibition Center, there is a huge display screen wrapping the building. This is actually a huge naked-eye 3D LED curved screen. The realistic effect makes it difficult for the audience to distinguish between real and fake from various angles.

So how to achieve such a realistic effect?

As we all know, our human brain is an extremely complicated nervous system. Everything that human eyes usually see is three-dimensional. Two pictures with subtle differences, this subtle difference allows the brain to convert the spatial coordinates of objects in the direction of disappearance of sight, and we can also use this feeling to distinguish the distance and size of objects, that is, Three-dimensional sense, that is, the sense of three-dimensional space. Generally, the basic principle of 3D display utilization, such as 3D movies, is to separate the content for the left and right eyes of the viewer through glasses or other devices, so that the two glasses can obtain images for the left and right eyes respectively, and finally to What is presented in the mind is the feeling of 3D images.

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To achieve the effect of naked-eye 3D on the display screen, the cost is much higher than wearing 3D glasses in theaters. In fact, most of the large-scale LED screens at this stage realize naked-eye 3D by using the distance, size, shadow effect, and perspective relationship of objects to construct a three-dimensional effect in a two-dimensional picture. Just like we look at sketches, painters can use pencils to draw three-dimensional images that look like real ones on a plane.

How to make a flat animation produce a 3D effect? Just make good use of references. We divide the ordinary picture into several layers through the white line, and then make the animation part “break through” the white line and cover other elements of the layer, so that the parallax of the eyes can be used to form the illusion of 3D.

The recently popular 3D screens are without exception composed of two surfaces with different angles. The display screen folds the screen by 90°, using video materials that conform to the perspective principle, the left screen displays the left view of the image, and the right screen displays the main view of the image. When people stand in front of the corner and watch, they can see the object at the same time Side and front, showing a realistic three-dimensional effect.

SRYLED’s OF series cabinets are very suitable for 3D LED displays, which can be spliced ​​into seamless curved screens or 90° right-angle screens.

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Post time: Nov-21-2022

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