What Is Led Advertising Screen? Everything You Need To Know

In today’s era of massive information explosion, the image gradually replaced the text, LED display this new form of advertising, relying on visual images to disseminate information, in a variety of public places and commercial space by a wide range of applications, set up the appropriate size of the led advertisement board, the dissemination of advertising information to maximize the effect.

 LED advertising screen

What is LED advertising screen?

LED display (LED panel) is a kind of display screen that displays text and images by controlling the display of semiconductor light-emitting diodes.LED display mainly includes graphic display and full-color display. Advertising LED display screen is through video, text, images and other forms of vivid image and clear advertising display, to attract the customer’s desire to buy.

What are the advantages of led advertising screen?

Traditional forms of advertising is mostly through the posting of information, selection of flyers and other ways to achieve, the disadvantages are also very obvious, because mainly through the form of graphic presentation so the lack of memory, advertising dissemination of propaganda effect is poor. LED advertising screen is mainly through some of the more crowded public places,advertising screen display through the video or switch different graphics intuitive and graphic way to attract people to pay attention to the initiative, the visual effect is better.
1. Visual effect
LED advertising display screen has high brightness, high contrast, high definition and other advantages, bright and vivid images and dynamic display of the display can better attract people’s attention. In busy commercial areas or outdoor places with high flow of people, high quality location means higher marketing value, outdoor LED advertising display screen presents advertising content can more directly attract the attention of passers-by, and play a better publicity effect.
2. Marketing effect and cost
Advertising display as an effective marketing tool,led ad screen can be more effective in spreading the message, electronic billboards cost very little at the same time to improve the effectiveness of advertising and marketing, the traditional advertising and promotion methods consume manpower and material resources, the cost of time and staff costs are very high.

LED advertising display can be divided and spliced according to the need to form different sizes and shapes of the display screen, but also according to the shape of the building to customize the suitable LED advertising screen. Therefore, it is very suitable for all kinds of irregular places to display advertising needs, making the presentation of advertising content more flexible and diverse. At the same time LED advertising screen maintenance is also very flexible, outdoor led advertising screen to modular way to splicing presentation, to solve the replacement program is also more flexible. Finally, led advertising display screen can be updated through the network real-time advertising content and traditional static billboards, outdoor advertising led display screen content update is more flexible and timely, to maintain the novelty and timeliness of advertising content, loved by advertisers.

led advertising board

What are the application scenarios of LED advertising display?

Commercial places
The most commonly used scenes in the commercial field are shopping malls, supermarkets, brand stores and other places. In these places, LED displays can show business advertisements, promotional information, new product promotions, etc. to attract consumers’ attention and quickly enhance brand influence and sales of products.LED advertising displays can also be used in shopping malls for indoor navigation, interactive billboards, and other functions to enhance the shopping experience of customers.
Transportation Hub
LED displays have a wide range of applications in the field of transportation. In stations and subway stations, led screen for advertising outdoor can provide real-time arrival information, traffic changes, etc., which is convenient for passengers. On highways, LED displays can broadcast traffic tips, road information and emergency notices to improve safety and traffic efficiency. It plays an important role in guiding people’s traveling. In addition, the LED display also plays the role of advertising, in the corresponding display can be mixed with some brand advertising, will also play a certain marketing effect, so as to enhance brand awareness.
Building facade
Advertising LED displays can be used on building facades to create impressive visual effects. This application is commonly found in high-rise buildings, shopping centers, hotels, etc. Through dynamic images and videos, the building is turned into a huge screen to attract people’s attention, thus achieving the effect of advertising.
There are many other applications of LED advertising display, such as some of the entertainment venues, conferences and exhibitions, or indoor and outdoor venues are inseparable from the figure of LED display. Advertising LED display plays an important role in bringing people a visual feast and conveying information.
Advertising LED display is one of the important media of modern advertising communication, which has become an important tool for brand and product promotion with its unique advantages and wide range of application scenarios. Whether it is brand promotion or product promotion, LED display can provide the most intuitive and effective solution. Therefore, both now and in the future, advertising LED display will continue to play its important role in the field of advertising communication.

Post time: Feb-21-2024

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