2024 Conference LED Screen Best Price Full Guide!

In today’s society, conference room LED displays have become an indispensable and important piece of equipment in meeting venues of all sizes. Whether it is a small conference room or a large exhibition center, the conference room LED display provides an engaging and efficient communication and display environment, and has become an important tool for promoting communication and transferring information. However, with the increasing number of LED display products on the market, the price also shows a big difference. For companies or organizations that are ready to buy led screen for conference room, how to choose a cost-effective product becomes a question that deserves serious consideration. Especially in 2024, an era of ever-evolving information technology, consumers are faced with a greater variety of choices, but it’s also easier to get lost in the multitude of options available. If you’re thinking of buying a conference room LED screen in 2024, then this comprehensive guide below is sure to help you make an informed decision.

Conference LED Screen

Screen Types

Common types of conference LED screens include indoor fixed installation screens, detachable screens and replaceable screens. When choosing a conference LED screen type, you need to consider the characteristics and needs of the conference venue in addition to the price. Indoor fixed installation screens are suitable for conference venues that are used for long periods of time, detachable screens are suitable for venues that require flexibility and mobility, and replaceable screens are suitable for venues that require frequent replacement or upgrading. In short, choosing the right type of conference room led screen requires comprehensive consideration of the meeting venue and needs. Different types of screens may vary in price and features. Depending on the specific situation, choose the most suitable type of screen to ensure the smooth running of the meeting.


The size of the led screen for conference room is one of the main factors affecting the price.The size of the LED display can be freely spliced, it is made of one module or box spliced together, and we can customize it according to the size of the conference room. In general, the ratio of led screen for conference room should be not less than 1.5 times of the image height and not more than 4.5 times of the image height. Larger displays require more LEDs, greater structural support and more power supply, so the price will be higher. So in the size of the selection of this piece we mainly according to the audience’s visual distance and the size of the venue to choose the appropriate LED display.


Conference room LED display resolution will also affect its price. Resolution refers to the number of pixels displayed on the screen, higher resolution usually means clearer, more detailed images and better visual effects. For many meeting venues, choosing an LED display with a high resolution is crucial. Especially in large meetings or presentations, clarity and readability are critical to effectively communicating information. Therefore, choosing LED displays with high resolution can increase the efficiency and likelihood of a successful meeting. High resolution led screen for conference room can also be more expensive to maintain and service, and businesses and organizations need to weigh cost against performance when choosing an LED display to ensure they select the product that best suits their needs and budget.

Supplier and quality

Supplier and quality is also a factor in price. Typically, displays from reputable suppliers may have higher prices, but they usually offer better quality and service, but you also need to choose the right one for your needs. You can choose a reputable supplier with relatively reasonable price and they have rich experience and expertise. Also find out about the supplier’s after-sales service policy and technical support to ensure that you can get timely help and support in case of problems. If you don’t know how to find a good supplier, you can check the supplier’s product quality certification and customer reviews to understand the reliability and performance of their displays.

Conference LED Screen

Installation and Maintenance

In addition to considering the price of the conference room LED display itself, you also need to consider the cost of installation and maintenance. Some suppliers may offer free or low-cost installation services, while some may charge separately. In addition, you need to consider the cost of maintenance and repair costs of the display, and go for a comprehensive evaluation of the price.The price of LED displays for conference rooms varies depending on a number of factors. Generally, LED displays with larger sizes, higher resolutions, and higher brand recognition are more expensive. In addition, there may also be price differences between different suppliers. Therefore, before purchasing a conference room LED display, it is recommended to compare with multiple suppliers and choose the right product based on actual needs and budget.
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