What are GOB LED Display Pros and Cons?

Accompanied by the accelerating process of urbanization, the demand for commercial advertising is also continuing to increase, the continuous expansion and development of the LED display application scene, SMD innate protection defects and COB is currently due to the high precision processing requirements and high production costs can not be generally accepted by the market, especially with the LED display spacing smaller and smaller, SMD technology display screen display effect can not meet the small LED Pitch rental screen market requirements for the product is becoming more and more obvious. There are many shortcomings of the traditional encapsulation screen. For example, the protection level is low, not moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof and shock-proof. When the weather is bad, it is also easy to appear lamp bead damage, while the display of the transportation and handling process is prone to collision damage, etc., there are many inconveniences.GOB technology in the SMD technology on the basis of the secondary lamp board packaging. To a certain extent, it solves the problems brought by the traditional encapsulation screen.

 GOB encapsulation technology

GOB encapsulation technology is a revolutionary innovation in the field of LED display, GOB encapsulation technology is through a special process will be the traditional LED display PCB board and its SMO lamp beads for the double matte optical treatment, to realize the LED display surface to form a frosted effect, not only enhance the aesthetics, but also improve the protection of the existing LED display.the traditional LED display in the durability and The traditional LED display in the durability and service life of the above problems, easy to receive dust, water or other physical factors damage damage, from the impact to the service life of the LED display as well as improve the cost of maintenance.GOB another major innovation is based on the original innovation to realize the point source of light display from the surface of the light source of the conversion and display. Traditional LED display using point light source each pixel is an independent light source, this design provides high brightness and high contrast, but will lead to uneven distribution of light visual effect is not good and other issues, and GOB packaging technology surface light source to provide a uniform distribution of light, enhance the visual experience.

GOB LED Display Pros

1.Visual and picture quality: GOB technology can effectively reduce the gap between the LED chip, the GOB packaging technology to make the product luminescence is more uniform, the display effect is more clear and transparent.GOB LED display has a higher contrast ratio, can present a deeper black and brighter white, so that the image is more vivid and lifelike. And greatly improve the viewing angle of the product (horizontal and vertical can reach nearly 180 °), can effectively eliminate moire, greatly improve the product contrast, reduce glare and harshness to reduce eye fatigue has a certain help.

2.Reliability and Durability: GOB technology provides better resistance to vibration, shock and humidity by gluing the LED chips firmly to the PCB substrate. This makes GOB LED displays more durable, GOB displays are highly protective and work well in harsh environmental conditions.

3. Low maintenance cost: GOB LED display has relatively low maintenance cost due to its high reliability and durability. It does not require frequent replacement of LED modules or fixing other common problems, thus reducing the time and cost of repair and maintenance.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection: GOB LED display adopts advanced LED technology, which has lower energy consumption and longer lifespan. Compared with traditional LED display, it can save energy and reduce carbon emission, which is more friendly to the environment.

Small Pitch GOB LED Display

Small pitch LED display can provide higher resolution, more detailed picture display effect, to meet the user’s pursuit of visual experience 。GOB small pitch technology is characterized by chip-level packaging, optical resin full coverage. This structure has a great difference in picture quality and better visual effect compared with traditional surface-mounted lamp beads. At the same time, this design increases the available heat transfer area of the LED crystals, improves the heat dissipation ability, and makes the Small Pitch GOB LED Display more stable, thus prolonging the service life. It also avoids the damage between the small pitch lamp beads, reduces the damage received due to the transportation process or handling process, and reduces the maintenance cost to a certain extent.

Small Pitch GOB LED Display

Rental GOB LED Screen

Compared with the solid mounted LED display, rental display because of its need for repeated installation and dismantling, transportation and handling characteristics, it not only requires LED display to have high stability and strong protection. At the same time also requires LED display can be easily and quickly assembled, disassembled, maintenance. GOB packaging technology of high protection to solve these problems of the rental screen.

Rental GOB LED Screen

GOB LED Display Cons

The introduction of GOB encapsulation process to a certain extent to make up for the shortcomings of the traditional surface-mounted encapsulation, which greatly enhances the protection of the LED display and other features, so that the stability of the product is greatly improved, but GOB encapsulation also has certain disadvantages.

1. Cost: GOB technology is relatively new, its production cost is relatively high compared to the traditional LED display.

2. Difficulty in maintenance: the maintenance of GOB display is more difficult compared to the traditional LED display. As the LED chip is directly pasted on the circuit board, more delicate operation is required for maintenance, which may lead to higher maintenance cost.

3. Technically: the packaging technology requirements for manufacturers are very strict, especially to maintain the transparency and color of the potting, and the flatness of the whole module.

GOB LED display has brought real benefits to the application of products in various industries. In the small pitch display, high-end rental display, commercial display and home “LED TV” and other areas have a broad market. Each encapsulation process has advantages and disadvantages, choose a encapsulation process, is to look at the cost of LED lamp beads or protection, etc., need to go to the comprehensive to judge.

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