Choosing Led Display Packaging Technology: COB Or GOB?

In today’s era of digitization, LED displays have become crucial tools for advertising, promotion, and information dissemination. When selecting an LED display, packaging technology is a vital factor that requires careful consideration. Two commonly used packaging technologies are COB (Chip-on-Board) and GOB (Glass-on-Board), each offering unique characteristics and advantages.

 Let’s begin by understanding COB technology. COB technology directly attaches multiple LED chips onto a circuit board using conductive adhesive or soldering. As the LED chips are placed on the same plane and the light is transmitted directly to the display surface, COB displays typically exhibit higher brightness and uniformity. Additionally, COB technology enables smaller form factors and higher pixel densities, delivering users a clearer and more refined visual experience.

COB Technology

 On the other hand, GOB technology employs a different packaging approach. It encapsulates LED chips on a glass substrate, which is then fixed as a complete module onto the circuit board. GOB displays generally possess better durability and protection since the glass substrate provides physical safeguarding for the LED chips. Moreover, GOB technology allows for advanced features such as transparent displays or curved displays, offering users more creative and captivating presentation options.

GOB technology 2

 So, how do you choose between COB and GOB? The decision depends on your specific application requirements. If you aim for high brightness, uniformity, and compact display sizes, COB technology might be preferable. It can provide impressive visual effects and is suitable for scenarios that demand high pixel densities. On the other hand, if you prioritize the display’s durability, protective capabilities, and special effects (such as transparency or curved displays), GOB technology may better suit your needs. It offers a more resilient display solution and creates distinctive and eye-catching presentation effects.

GOB technology 1

 Of course, when selecting a packaging technology, other factors such as budget, manufacturing processes, and available materials should also be considered. The optimal choice must encompass all these aspects and involve detailed discussions with display screen suppliers to obtain the best solution tailored to your requirements.


 Whether you opt for COB or GOB, LED displays will continue to play a significant role in advertising, commercial, and entertainment domains as modern.


Post time: Jul-10-2023

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