Top 10 Transparent LED Display Manufacturers in USA 2024

With the development of LED screen technology, transparent LED displays are welcomed by the market for their high transparency and flexibility, and are widely used in glass curtain walls, stages, shopping malls, retail and other fields. Are you looking for a reliable LED transparent manufacturer? As one of the important production bases of LED displays, China has emerged with many excellent manufacturers. Do you know which one is the best? As a participant in the LED screen industry for 10 years, we will list the top 10 transparent LED screen manufacturers in China so that you can quickly find the choice you need.

1. Shenzhen Unilumin Joyway Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Unilumin Joyway Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Unilumin Joyway Technology Co., Ltd. is a prominent player in the multimedia and creative visual display sector. Operating under the umbrella of Unilumin Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300232), it stands out as a subsidiary renowned for its innovative solutions. Leveraging over ten years of specialized experience, the company has established itself as a top-tier supplier of curtain LED displays, delivering cutting-edge products to meet market demands.

2.Leyard Vteam

Leyard Vteam

Leyard Group (stock code 300296) is a multinational group consisting of more than 40 domestic and foreign technology and cultural enterprises. It is the global led screen manufacturer in the LED display, urban landscape lighting, cultural and technological integration innovation, virtual reality and other industries.
LEYARD VTEAM (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD (Originated from SHENZHEN VTEAM Co., LTD, simplified as “VTEAM, established in 2011.) is the key enterprise of display parts in LEYARD Group. (Stock code:300296). Leyard Group main product includes flexible LED conformal display, LED transparent display and LED rental display;Leyard Group LED screen display boards are widely used in stage, advertising, sports stadiums, bar entertainment, TV stations, all kinds of celebrations and high-end occasions, etc.


SRYLED conpany

Founded in 2013, SRYLED is a leading LED display manufacturer based in Shenzhen, SRYLED specialize in offering a wide range of high quality, dependable products to suit a variety of applications, including indoor and outdoor advertising LED display, indoor and outdoor rental LED display, soccer perimeter LED display, small pitch LED display, poster LED display, transparent LED display, taxi top LED display, floor LED display and special shape creative LED display.

4.Shenzhen Auroled

Shenzhen Auroled

AURORA is the goddessin Greek mythology, she symbolizeshope and beauty. lt is told that she will fly to the sky everymorning, bring sunshine to the earth.
So named Auroled. Auroled are appointed by the goddess in thetransparent LED displayindustry thus bringing you a colorful andharmonious world.
Entrepreneurship,innovation, creativity and sharing” is ourenterprise Value.Auroled is implementing “to create values forthe customer, to set the standard forled feld”, and will gofurther and quicker in the transparent LED display(also be calledglass LED wall/clear LED screen)industrywith Auroled stronginnovation philosophy, that can reach users as no otheradvertising media andinspire architecture.

5.K&G Visual Technology

K&G Visual Technology

K&G Visual Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen on 2016. With immense R&D skills from the beginning, K&G Visual has created one of the most advanced transparent LED screens in the market. One of the highest resolution, one of the most transparent and lightweight, and offer endless customization which cannot be offered anywhere else.
K&G Visual also provide additional services such as proposal-building, installation, maintenance, testing on site, or video contents production, please feel free to contact us.

6.Shenzhen GuoXin Optoelectronics Technology

Shenzhen GuoXin Optoelectronics Technology

shenzhen GuoXin. Ltd.provide ideal design and solution for automated industries with products from different international brands like CKD SMC Omron Azbil PISCO,FESTO ,Mitsubishi, Fuji, keyence,Panasonic, Siemens,RKC,IDEC and so on.
shenzhen GuoXin. Ltd. have experience in sale pneumatic automation equipment, and design require from client. and Automation machinery, energy-saving, pneumatic control components, drive components, pneumatic auxiliary components, fluid control components, and other civilian control components such as functional components development, manufacturing, sales and exports



LedHERO® positions itself as a top niche market player by dedicating to innovative transparent LED video wall solutions. Ingenuity, reliability and high performance to price ratio are at the core of LedHERO® product development philosophy. Testified by its numerous patents registered globally and prestigious awards, product leadership is achieved and maintained through the continuous development of innovative products.
From landmark buildings in bustling Soul streets to prestigious London shops, from innovative window-size posters to fabulous customized transparent LED video walls, from small cafeteria to gigantic shopping mall, award-winning MediaMatrix™ series transparent LED video wall, renowned for its high quality, reliability, simplicity, efficiency and serviceability, have been installed and testified in more than 90 countries worldwide.

8.Luminatii Technology Co., Ltd

Luminatii Technology Co., Ltd

Luminatii is a national high-tech enterprise and contract-honoring & trustworthy AAA enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and customized solution of high-end LED screens. Luminatii LED products are widely used in National large-scale conference performances, outdoor market, stage design, stadiums, museums etc.



NEXNOVO’s innovative transparent LED displays have revolutionized the advertising industry. With its commitment to technology innovation and strict quality control, NEXNOVO has become a recognized National High-Tech Enterprise. The company’s factory floor, spanning 20,000 sqm, is equipped with high-tech production facilities and inspection instruments to ensure superior competitive advantages and added value for its partners. With headquarters in Shenzhen, NEXNOVO has expanded to include offices in Beijing and Shanghai, and its products are used in a wide range of environments, including airports, train stations, shopping malls, and more.



Shenzhen Aurora King Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Shenzhen Jinhuaguang Technology Co., Ltd.) was established in 2009, english name”Kingaurora”. It is a national high-tech enterprise company specializing in LED packaging, LED display technology applications, and creative digital content.The company is headquartered in Pingshan New District, Shenzhen,After years of rapid development, the company has accumulated rich technical experience and gathered a proactive, efficient and pragmatic excellent enterprise team to provide global lighting, exhibition display, advertising media, cultural tourism, commercial space and other application industries. Professional display technology solutions, and provide comprehensive supporting services.


Above we have listed the top 10 transparent LED screen manufacturers, and all of them can provide you with many transparent LED solutions. If you have more project needs, you can also refer to the top 10 China LED display manufacturers. As an emerging LED screen provider,SRYLED can provide you with cost-effective transparent LED display solutions,If you need, please feel free to contact us.


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