Top 15 LED Display Manufacturers in the USA

Today, driven by digital trends and technological advances, the U.S. LED display market continues to grow and is expected to continue to grow in the future, and with the emergence of new technologies, the market will be more diversified and highly competitive manufacturers. The following will be the United States well-known 15 major LED Display Manufacturers are introduced.

SiliconCore Technology

SiliconCore Technology

SiliconCore Technology, a cutting-edge technology company that has long been committed to the development of high-resolution LED display technology, is one of the famous led screen manufacturers. Specializing in the development and manufacturing of high performance LED displays. They offer high resolution, high brightness LED displays for both indoor and outdoor applications. Since first bringing high-resolution LED displays and breakthrough common cathode technology to market in 2011, SiliconeCore Technology has been committed to innovating high-resolution breakthrough patented technologies to drive the rapid growth of the large-format display industry.

LED Engin

LED Engin is located in California and specializes in LED lighting and display technology, offering a wide range of LED display products. for a variety of entertainment, architectural, general lighting and specialty applications. As an led screen supplier, LED Engin has received a lot of favor from many users with its top technology and excellent service!


Leyard specializes in the development and manufacturing of LED displays and large screen solutions. Offering various types of LED displays and large screen solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications.Leyard’s products are used in a wide range of applications such as commercial advertising, entertainment venues, conferences and exhibitions.


Absen is a well-known led display screen manufacturer and provides LED display solutions worldwide.LED display products have excellent performance in terms of color performance, resolution, brightness and contrast to meet the needs of different application scenarios.Absen’s products are widely used in conference centers, studios, commercial displays and stage shows. Absen products are widely used in conference centers, studios, commercial displays and stage shows.


Daktronics is an influential led display supplier for stadiums and outdoor advertising. They offer a wide variety of LED displays for both indoor and outdoor applications.Daktronics products are used in stadiums, outdoor billboards, traffic signage, and commercial applications.



Headquartered in Oregon, Planar is one of the renowned led video wall manufacturers, as well as a leading manufacturer of other display solutions. Specializing in the development and manufacturing of display technologies and solutions, Planar Systems’ products are known for their high quality, reliability and innovation in a wide range of commercial, retail, entertainment and stadium applications.

Christie Digital Systems USA

Headquartered in California, Christie Digital Systems USA is a leading manufacturer of high-performance LED displays and projectors. Specializing in the development and manufacture of display and projection solutions. Known for its outstanding image quality and color performance, Christie Digital Systems’ products are used in a wide range of applications including entertainment venues, conferences and exhibitions, and sports arenas.


NanoLumens headquartered in Georgia, is a manufacturer specializing in custom LED displays.NanoLumens is able to provide LED display solutions in a variety of shapes and sizes.The LED display products are flexible and customizable, with ultra-thin designs. All of them can be personalized according to the actual application scenarios and meet the needs of various creative designs.

Lighthouse Technologies

Lighthouse Technologies is a California-based company specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of LED displays and control systems. one of the leaders in the LED display field, Lighthouse Technologies continues to introduce advanced display technologies and innovations to enhance product performance and display effects. Lighthouse Technologies’ products are widely used in stadiums, studios, commercials and convention centers.

Vanguard LED Displays

Headquartered in California, Vanguard LED Displays is a specialty led display screen supplier offering LED display products in a wide range of sizes and resolutions.Vanguard LED Displays is committed to technological innovation and product quality.Vanguard LED Displays products are sold and applied worldwide, covering a wide range of markets. sales and applications across multiple market segments, including commercial, entertainment, education, transportation, medical, and more. Their products are used in a wide variety of scenarios.

NEC Display Solutions

NEC Display Solutions is a company specializing in display technology and solutions, offering various types of LED displays. As one of the leaders in the field of display technology, NEC Display Solutions continues to innovate technologically and introduce products with cutting-edge features and performance. Their products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and are widely used in areas such as commercial advertising, conferences and exhibitions, traffic directions and stadiums. They are designed to help customers realize their business goals and needs.

ViewSonic Corporation

ViewSonic Corporation is a well-known display technology company that offers various types of LED display products. These include liquid crystal displays (LCDs), projectors, smart display boards, electronic whiteboards, digital signage, and more. These products cover a wide range of consumer, business, education, and entertainment sectors and fulfill the needs of different users.

Trans-Lux Corporation

Headquartered in New York State, Trans-Lux Corporation is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor LED display solutions. Through continuous technological innovation, extensive product lines and superior service, the company has earned widespread recognition and trust by providing customers with high-performance, high-quality digital display products and solutions.

Watchfire Signs

Headquartered in Illinois and founded in 1932, Watchfire Signs is a company with a long history of providing leading manufacturers of digital displays and LED signage serving the advertising and outdoor display markets.Watchfire Signs has always been committed to providing high quality, reliable digital display products and solutions.



SRYLED is a LED display manufacturer specializing in providing a wide range of high quality, reliable LED display products, including indoor and outdoor LED displays, applications covering a wide range of fields.SRYLED has exported LED displays to 86 countries, and SRYLED currently has agents in the United States, Mexico and Turkey.SRYLED aims to provide customers with high-performance, high-quality display products. SRYLED aims to provide its customers with high performance and high quality display products.
The said LED display manufacturer has become an industry leader and is known for providing LED displays for various applications. We provide comprehensive and high quality display solutions to our customers. Only to win the wide recognition and trust of users.

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