Why People Prefer Fine Pitch LED Displays?

Fine Pitch LED

 Fine Pitch LED large screen display technology is experiencing rapid growth in the digital era, and SRYLED’s Fine Pitch LED series stands out as a leader in sales amid fierce competition. The secret to its success can be attributed to several key factors:

1. Innovative Full Inverted COB Technology:

The Fine Pitch LED series adopts a full inverted COB display screen technology, directly encapsulating the luminous chips on the PCB board, eliminating the complexity of traditional surface mount processes. This innovation not only eliminates the need for soldering feet on brackets but also tightly encapsulates each LED chip and soldering wire in a gel, providing comprehensive protection. This design brings deeper blacks, higher brightness, and superior contrast, achieving a premium and stable display effect, showcasing a beautiful visual world.

2. 8K+ Standard Resolution with No Limits to Clarity:

The Fine Pitch LED series effortlessly supports standard resolutions of 2K/4K/8K and beyond, ensuring limitless clarity. Its large viewing angles and surface light source design achieve standard wide color gamut coverage, allowing users to enjoy a cinematic quality. With 16-bit grayscale processing, high frame rates, and nanosecond-level response times, it achieves a true lossless display, free from trailing or ghosting.

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3. Common Cathode Energy-Saving Solution:

The Fine Pitch LED series employs a common cathode connection method, where the current for R, G, B LEDs passes through the lamp beads before reaching the IC negative pole. This approach supplies different voltages directly based on the diode’s voltage requirements, eliminating the need for configuring voltage-divider resistors and reducing energy consumption. In comparison to traditional common anode solutions, this design increases energy efficiency by 25% to 40%. The common cathode drive IC solution also allows intelligent brightness adjustment based on changes in surrounding light, further reducing energy consumption and aligning with the country’s new “double carbon” goals for green, low-carbon, and energy-efficient practices.

4. 16:9 Golden Ratio for Universal Appeal:

The Fine Pitch LED series adopts a 600*337.5mm universal size, ensuring high compatibility with customer needs. With a 16:9 golden ratio, it resolves the compatibility issues between the display screen and 16:9 signal sources, offering a comprehensive enhancement in aesthetics, performance, and user experience, allowing users to indulge in visual artistic aesthetics.

5. IP65 Full Protection Capability:

The Fine Pitch LED series utilizes new materials and exclusive packaging technology to achieve a truly sealed structure, reaching IP65 full protection capability. This ensures the product can withstand external impacts, maintain high stability, and is easy to maintain, providing users with a longer lifespan and higher reliability.

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6. Diverse Solutions to Meet User Needs:

As a best-selling product from SRYLED, the Fine Pitch LED series offers three major technology solutions: full inverted COB, micro-gap GOB, and high-quality SMD, catering to diverse user needs.

In conclusion, the success of SRYLED’s Fine Pitch LED series lies not only in technological innovation but also in the comprehensive performance and improved user experience. Its leading technological solutions, high-quality display effects, and energy-saving features make it a standout contender in the market.



Post time: Nov-27-2023

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