What Are The Highlights Of ISE 2023?

Recently, ISE 2023 was held in Barcelona. The scale increased by 30% compared with last year. As the first exhibition of LED display after the Lunar New Year, dozens of domestic LED display companies rushed to participate in the exhibition. Judging from the scene, all-in-one conference machines, XR virtual production, and naked-eye 3D LED display are still the focus of various companies.

Unilumin Technology

Unilumin Technology presented its latest LED light display product solutions at the Barcelona Convention and Exhibition Center. Among them, Unilumin Technology fully demonstrated Unilumin’s excellent products and scene customization solutions with three highlights: “UMicro, light display solutions, and XR Workshop”.

The Unilumin UMicro 0.4 display screen displayed on site has the smallest pitch in the field, and is the largest LED full screen with the same pitch in this exhibition, with a maximum resolution of 8K. It can be widely used in home theaters, high-end conferences, commercial scenes, exhibitions and other application fields.

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At ISE2023, Absen will focus on exhibiting flip-chip COB micro-pitch CL V2 series, brand AbsenLive series new products PR2.5 and JP Pro series and LED virtual studio solutions, new commercial display series products-NX, Absenicon C series Widescreen smart all-in-one.

It is reported that the CL1.2 V2 products exhibited by Absen are eye-catching and have received a lot of praise. CL series products are a new generation of flip-chip COB products launched by Absen.


Ledman Optoelectronics

At the ISE2023 exhibition, Ledman amazed with its 8K Micro LED ultra-high-definition large screen, 4K COB ultra-high-definition large screen, 138-inch smart conference interactive large screen, COB naked-eye 3D display large screen, and outdoor SMD large screen. debut.

Ledman’s 8K Micro LED ultra-high-definition large screen adopts Ledman’s formal COB series products, based on Ledman’s self-patented COB integrated packaging technology, it has excellent product performance such as low brightness and high gray, high reliability, and ultra-long service life. Overseas customers and industry experts who came to the Lehman booth were amazed by the exquisite picture quality and accurate reproduction of the color of the image.

Also attracting attention is the Ledman COB naked-eye 3D display large screen. The mechanical lion that is about to break out of the screen, the devil fish that seems to be swimming in front of your eyes, and the original content of Ledman, such as whales, are very eye-catching. The audience of the exhibition lamented the realistic effect.


Combining the products and solutions exhibited by the entire ISE exhibition and related LED display manufacturers, it can be found that the conference all-in-one machine, XR virtual shooting, and naked-eye 3D are still the focus of various companies, while the increase in COB products, MIP technology is more concerned by manufacturers Such changes also brought new directions.

Post time: Feb-08-2023

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