SRYLED Wilderness Camp: Summit Of Teamwork


While an individual ant may seem small, their unity forms one of the most powerful forces in the world! Team cohesion and collaboration are among the key factors determining a company’s success. To further enhance our teamwork and leadership, our company organized a special wilderness team building retreat from August 21st to 22nd, 2023, at the breathtaking altitude of 1296 meters on Mount Luofu in Huizhou.

SRYLED Wilderness Camp 3

Highlights Of The Retreat:

Johari Window Theory and Self-Awareness: Delving deep into the Johari Window theory, we gained insights into needs and feelings, fostering collaboration.Challenging Comfort Zones and Overcoming Fears: Fearlessly pushing our limits, we cultivated courage and resilience, boosting confidence in facing work challenges.Developing Leadership and Problem Solving: Through teamwork and tests in the natural environment, we honed our leadership and problem-solving skills.Strengthening Collaboration and Trust: Confronting outdoor challenges deepened our team’s collaboration and trust.

SRYLED Wilderness Camp 1

Results Of Team Building:

We progressed from posing questions to jointly solving them. We moved from initial self-isolation in interpersonal communication to expanding our open areas, reducing our blind spots and hidden zones, and appropriately self-disclosing.

SRYLED Wilderness Camp 5

We realized that the essence of communication is empathetic understanding, discarding self-centeredness and adopting others’ perspectives. Practicing empathy allowed us to easily comprehend many issues that had previously troubled us, fostering genuine reconciliation within the team and among individuals.SRYLED Wilderness Camp 2

Gratitude And Outlook:

During this adventurous journey into the unknown, we ventured through perilous forests, confronted thunderstorms, and tackled treacherous mountain paths, much like the countless challenges we face at work. While one person’s strength is limited, when we unite, many difficulties become conquerable. We wholeheartedly thank our company for providing us with this special opportunity. Through facing various hardships and challenges, we developed creative thinking and problem-solving abilities, and we forged resilient characters. Moreover, spending time in nature helped us relax, alleviate stress, and enhance our mental well-being.SRYLED Wilderness Camp 4

In Conclusion:

This team-building journey will inspire us to collaborate more effectively, overcome challenges, and achieve even greater success in our future work. We look forward to contributing more remarkable chapters to SRYLED’s development with a stronger sense of teamwork. We express our gratitude to all participants for their enthusiastic involvement and to the company for its support, collectively shaping this unforgettable experience.


Post time: Sep-09-2023

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