Receiving Card Comparison: Novastar VS Colorlight

LED screen receiver card is a key component in the LED display system, which is responsible for receiving image data from the transmitter card and converting these data into signals suitable for LED screen. In the process of LED display installation and commissioning, the correct calculation and use of the receiver card is crucial. Control card according to the control mode is divided into two synchronous control and asynchronous control, synchronous control requires receiving card and sending card timing and signal synchronization, applicable to the display effect of the higher requirements of the scene, such as stage performances. Asynchronous control is more flexible, the receiver card can work independently, suitable for information dissemination, advertising display and other scenes. According to the brand points then theoretically countless kinds, and control card control points and functions will also have, power supply commonly used 5V20A, 5V30A, 5V40A three. There are numerous brands of LED receiver cards available on the market, with Novastar and Colorlight receiving much attention. They both enjoy a good reputation within the LED display industry and offer their own unique technical features and functionality.


Novastar receiver cards are known for their stability and reliability. Adopting advanced image processing technology, they are able to provide excellent image quality and color performance.Novastar receiver cards support a wide range of signal input interfaces, such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, etc., to meet different application requirements. In addition, led displays the receiving card also provides powerful calibration functions for precise adjustment of brightness, color and grayscale of the display.Novastar high-end series receiver cards are equipped with Picture Engine 2.0 and the new Dynamic Engine technology, which provides ultimate picture detail enhancement and dynamic contrast enhancement, making the display vivid and pleasing to the eye.

Novastar receiving card

Colorlight receiver cards excel in color processing and adjustment. High color depth, high frame rate, ultra-low latency, HDR, infi-bit grayscale refinement and other high-end display technologies, with the sender card frame rate multiplier, you can output 120Hz, 144Hz or even 240Hz high frame rate picture, the higher the frame rate the more smooth the picture, eliminating the phenomenon of shadow dragging and at the same time can maintain a low latency of the system. Colorlight receiver card has a higher refresh rate and grayscale level to provide a more smooth and detailed image display.Colorlight high-end receiver card, reshape the picture and unlimited restoration of true color. The visual quality is greatly improved. In addition, led receiving card provides powerful color correction features that enable precise control over the color consistency and accuracy of the display.

Colorlight Receiver Card After Modification

Software Support

Novastar receiver card has a series of powerful LED display control software, such as NovaStudio, NovaLCT and so on. These software have a friendly user interface and rich functions for editing, adjusting and managing images and videos. Novastar’s control software also supports remote control and monitoring, which is convenient for users to manage and maintain the display in real time.

Novastar Receiver Card Screen Adjustments

Colorlight receiver card: Colorlight also provides professional control software, such as Colorlight SmartLCT, Colorlight X4, etc. These software have intuitive operation interface. Colorlight’s control software also supports multiple input sources and signal formats to meet different application requirements. Some of Colorlight’s products support heterogeneous displays, meaning that LED modules of different resolutions and sizes can be managed to create more flexible display configurations.

Compatibility and Expandability

Both Novastar receiver cards and Colorlight receiver cards offer good compatibility and scalability. both cards can be used with a wide range of LED display modules and control systems, including indoor, outdoor and curved displays. both Novastar receiver cards offer stable and reliable performance. Both Novastar receiver cards offer consistent and reliable performance, allowing users to select the right display module for their specific needs and seamlessly integrate it with the Novastar receiver card.

In terms of expandability, both offer a corresponding range of expansion cards and accessories that can extend the functionality and performance of the receiver card to adapt to more application scenarios. For example, they can provide more input and output interfaces to support multiple signal sources and signal formats. In addition, they can provide higher processing power and larger storage capacity to meet the demand for more complex content and higher resolution without worrying about scalability. Factory parameters and calibration coefficients can be backed up to the receiver card for one-button recovery, and there is no need to restart the power supply after upgrading the receiver card’s firmware program, which makes the details to the extreme and greatly facilitates the user’s sense of use.


Novastar for corporate and retail customers, receiving card range from the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games opening ceremony, concerts to digital advertising signage. colorlight receiving card products have been widely used in major events, commercial advertising, stage, television studios, business centers, for more than a million users to provide a variety of integrated solutions. The choice of receiver card for a specific application is also based on the appropriate scenario.
The choice of Novastar or Colorlight receiver cards depends on the specific needs of the project. If a more flexible configuration and a wide range of applications are required, Novastar may be a good choice. If there is a higher demand for color performance and stability, or if there are some special display needs, Colorlight is also a competitive choice.

Different receiver card products also vary, from the previous only support single-color LED display, while some support dual-color display and full-color display, product technology and then constantly updated, just follow the people’s needs to adjust, from the image processing, color performance, stability and other aspects of the product are progressing, Novastar receiver card and Colorlight receiver card have an excellent performance, they are committed to continuous innovation and improvement. They are both committed to continuous innovation and improvement to provide more advanced and reliable receiver card solutions. both Novastar and Colorlight products undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure their stability and reliability. In addition, they provide professional technical support and after-sales service to help users solve problems and provide the best experience. Specific product features may vary by model.

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