4 Things to Consider Before Installing an Outdoor LED Billboard

Outdoor LED billboards have become the first choice for outdoor information dissemination due to their advantages such as high stability, low power consumption, and wide radiation range. Common LED displays such as advertising LED screens, Fixed LED screens, Rental LED screens play an indispensable role in urban life, adding beautiful scenery to the city and conveying important information.

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In modern urban life, outdoor LED billboards have become an important tool for commercial LED advertising and information dissemination. However, there are many details and key steps that need to be paid attention to in order to create high-quality Outdoor LED Billboard ,This article will delve into the key steps and details in the installation and maintenance process of outdoor LED billboards to help technical construction personnel and related practitioners better understand and practice. Specifically, the installation of outdoor billboard LED displays is divided into four steps: on-site survey, equipment construction, installation and commissioning.

1. Outdoor LED Billboard—— Field investigation

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This means that before installation, the outdoor LED display screen should be uniformly tested according to the specific environment, terrain, radiation range, brightness acceptance and other parameters to ensure the successful installation of the LED billboard. The commander must be given guidance before the hoisting installation. Training on hoisting procedures to ensure that the equipment can be used normally and stably.

2. Outdoor LED Billboard—— LED equipment construction

Outdoor LED Billboard LED equipment construction

When building outdoor LED billboards, it is necessary to distinguish between wall-mounted advertising screens, hanging advertising screens and roof-mounted advertising screens. During actual installation, cranes and winches should be used for segmented lifting based on the height of the distance, while ensuring that roof personnel cooperate with each other to achieve better installation and use effects. The process of LED advertising screens for high-altitude operations.

3. Outdoor LED Billboard——Lighting radiation range debugging

Next, specific radiation range detection is required. Due to different radiation ranges, the viewing angles of LED displays are also different. Outdoor LED display installation work should be carried out based on on-site acceptance capabilities and normal viewing angle range to ensure that normal, brightness-balanced images and subtitle information can be seen from all angles at a distance.

4. Outdoor LED Billboard——Follow-up inspection and maintenance

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Subsequent tests include LED display waterproofing, heat dissipation layer, LED indicator waterproof coating, LED display rain cover, heat dissipation on both sides, power supply lines and many other areas. These basic components constitute the entire graphic LED with good stability. Display screen, during later technical maintenance, it is necessary to conduct unified management and maintenance of these components. When the product is rusty, unstable or damaged, it needs to be replaced in time to ensure the safe use of the entire LED display.

Generally speaking, SRYLED outdoor LED billboards use high-tech backplanes for heat dissipation and unified management of dot matrix light sources, which is more conducive to the use of LED displays. These basic outdoor LED advertising screen installation steps once again illustrate the important steps in LED display installation. Mastering these will enable us to use LED advertising displays more smoothly and quickly, and give full play to its excellent information dissemination characteristics.

Post time: Mar-18-2024

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