How to Solve the Moire Effect on the LED Screens?

Now outdoor led display screen is widely used, outdoor publicity, traffic guidance, advertising broadcasting, etc., will involve outdoor led display large screen, LED display screen can be seen everywhere, commercial LED display screen by the company or enterprise’s favorite, is a variety of information dissemination, advertising and publicity of choice, display small pixel is gradually becoming the mainstream choice for modern information display. In the future, with the continuous progress of technology, the clarity of the small pixel image of the display will also be more outstanding. Since the image is getting clearer and clearer, then we will sometimes see some water ripples on the top of the LED display, a stripe, what is it? The display is bad? In fact, this may be a moire phenomenon of the display.

Moire phenomenon

What is the moire effect on the LED display?

In the industry terminology of pitch led display, there is a phenomenon called moire or water ripple display, which leads to the appearance of one stripe, flickering between the top and bottom, resulting in poor viewing effect when shooting LED display with cell phone or professional video equipment. Thus producing this phenomenon called moire. In fact, the moire effect is a very common problem, caused by the LED display moire is the main reason for the main reason is the LED display refresh rate is too low. LED display pitch small refresh rate can be increased to 3840Hz, you can further reduce the phenomenon of moire, if our LED display is a low rate of new, then the normal human eye to watch it is not a problem, but if you use a cell phone or video camera to shoot, it will be a good idea to use a cell phone or video camera to shoot. Or video camera shooting, there will be moire effect, the specific performance is the LED display will appear on a black horizontal line, if the dynamic view will be a flash. If the pixel pitch led is smaller, the small pixel pitch image display effect will be more delicate, the camera from the LED display distance can be closer, the lower the probability of moire, the quality and flexibility of the filming will be better.

The process of generating moire on LED display screen

LED display pixel distribution density is exactly between the CCD can distinguish the interval, inevitably, the digital camera will still be interpreted part of the results can be recognized, but will also be added to the gray scale can not be recognized, and the two and the formation of regular patterns, the reaction in the visual is the periodic ripples.

 Moire Effect

Moire effect is a visual perception, when watching a group of lines or points superimposed on another group of lines or points occur, which each group of lines or points of the relative angle or spacing is different. Then the moire effect described above occurs. To be more specific, it is two spatial frequency slightly different stripes, their left end of the black line position is the same, due to the spacing is different, to the right gradually line stripes can not be overlapped. The two stripes overlap, the left side of the black line due to overlap, so you can see the white line. And the right side gradually misaligned, white line against the black line, overlap results in becoming all black. There are white lines and all-black changes that make up the moire stripes.

How to eliminate moire effect on LED screen?

Camera Adjustment
1, change the camera angle: due to the camera to capture the angle of the object will lead to Moire ripples, change the angle of the camera, by rotating the camera, you can eliminate or change the presence of Moire ripples.
2, change the camera focus: too clear focus and high level of detail may lead to Moire Ripple, change the focus can change the clarity, which in turn helps to eliminate Moire Ripple.
3, adjust the camera settings parameters: such as exposure time, aperture and ISO, etc., to weaken the effect of moire effect, try a variety of settings to adjust to find the most appropriate combination of parameters.
4, the use of mirror front filter installed directly in front of the CCD, so that its exposure conditions to meet the spatial frequency, completely filter the image of high spatial frequency part, reduce the LED display moire occurs, but this will also synchronize to reduce the sharpness of the image.
Technical means
The use of software for post-processing image processing. Image editor Photoshop, etc., to eliminate the appearance of moire on the final image, including image blurring, noise reduction, and image contrast, etc., so that the image quality is higher and the image is sharper.
Using anti-Moore coatings, there are special coatings and materials that can mitigate the Moore effect. These coatings can be used on LED panels or lampshades to reduce the interference effect. These coatings are usually designed to change the refraction or scattering properties of light, thus reducing interference.

LED display

In fact, after knowing the causes of the appearance of moire, we can know how to eliminate it. In fact, the best way to fundamentally solve the LED display moire is to use a high brush LED display, so that the moire phenomenon will not occur. Because of the use of 3840H2 high-brush LED display, then even with a cell phone to shoot, the video will not have any change, because the number of times the LED display is refreshed per unit of time than the low-brush more than double, so the professional filming equipment can not be perceived.
If the user has purchased and used a low-brush LED display, you can go through the above method to adjust, reduce or eliminate moire. General publicity low-brush commercial LED display is enough, if you want to use in a more professional scene, will take a lot of photos to promote the promotion of words, you can go according to the budget to buy, although it will increase some costs, but the photo shooting will be more convenient and fast, the overall display effect is better, better viewing experience.

Post time: Jan-26-2024

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