Immersive LED Displays:Features And Guide

Since 2023, immersive led display screen is not only present in commercial applications, but also has many applications in naked eye 3D and XR virtual shooting. Immersive showroom, immersive exhibition, virtual shooting base, etc., has created new possibilities for led display, people want to attract more users through immersive personalized experience, at the same time immersive led display screen virtual shooting can also be very good to meet people’s shooting needs. The use of LED display screen with diverse scene arrangement to bring visitors a different experience. Unlike wearable devices, Immersive LED displays can display dynamic and compelling content, and can jump out of the limitations of AR/VR glasses and intuitively bring a three-dimensional sense.

What is an immersive led display?

Immersive LED display is also called polyhedral led displays, immersive led displays through advanced image processing and projection technology, the user will be brought into a virtual environment completely surrounded by the screen, immersive LED display simulates a realistic three-dimensional visual effect gives a sense of immersion, with the user demand and experience of continuous improvement, immersive LED display in addition to the different visual experience can also be added to the AR/VR glasses. With the continuous improvement of user demand and experience, immersive LED display screen can not only be the same visual experience can also be added interactive effect, realize the combination of space and static. Immersive LED display enables people to visualize a parallel virtual world without using AR or VR devices.

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Immersive LED display features

Immersive led display adopts modular design, the LED screen can be easily spliced into a larger and clearer 4K/8K display, which meets the demanding needs of modern high-definition video production on the screen resolution, and at the same time, using the combination of 5G, AI, VR, touch, holographic projection and other technologies, the immersive led display breaks the viewer’s inherent impression of the traditional LED display effect. Immersive LED display not only makes the original single boring picture more vivid, but also enables the audience to perceive the sound, touch and immersive feeling of the picture during the viewing process. This immersive experience is not only outstanding in the field of film and television entertainment, in education, business presentations and other areas also show great potential.
2. Form
Immersive LED display can be assembled in a variety of forms according to local conditions, bar screen, multi-surface screen, curved screen, multi-surface screen, shaped screen, floor tile screen and so on. There are many forms including large outdoor billboards, indoor video walls, and even curved or flexible displays. At the same time, because the LED display module consistency is good, you can do perfect articulation, splicing up the display screen flat as a mirror, with a realistic display effect, so as to create an immersive spatial aesthetics, further enhance the user’s visual experience.
3. Visual effect
Immersive LED display using ultra-high resolution and refresh rate, always be able to present high-definition image quality materials, make the screen more realistic, better visual experience, so that the viewer has a kind of immersive experience. Most immersive LED display scenarios, the viewer and the display screen are relatively close to each other, so this requires a very high resolution and refresh rate, high refresh rate also reduces the generation of moire when shooting or photographing with a cell phone. Even in outdoor environments, immersive LED displays can provide superior visibility and achieve lifelike visual effects that leave a lasting impression.

Applications of Immersive LED Display

1. Immersive LED display is very popular in exhibition halls and pavilion scenes, attracting the eye with ultra-realistic artistic effects, while narrating the story that the exhibition hall wants to express in a reasonable way, which may involve animation, video, pictures and other display methods.
2. Create a virtual shooting base or virtual studio, through the curved LED display to create a studio can create a real scene, you can realize a variety of scenes according to the shooting needs of the restoration, whether indoor and outdoor, cityscape or exotic vivid images, to meet the shooting needs. At the same time, the virtual production can edit the virtual elements of the curtain wall in real time. Through real-time engine rendering and shooting production, it can save the time and labor cost of post creation. This form of filming is gradually emerging in film and television shooting, virtual studio is not only the innovation of technology, but also a subversion of the traditional shooting mode. It not only provides more possibilities for movie production, but also saves the time and cost of shooting to a certain extent. With the continuous development and improvement of technology, the virtual shooting base will become one of the mainstream choices for film and television shooting in the future, injecting more creativity and vitality into the film production.

Immersive LED Displays

3. The use of entertainment venues, you can set up immersive equipment in some large shopping centers, theme parks, placed immersive LED display. Increase the interactive participation with visitors, through the combination of static and dynamic forms to enrich the experience of the viewer. In addition to surround vision, interactive effects are also composed of a variety of forms: radar, gravity, infrared, and physical interaction. The ordinary entertainment activities into a different visual experience, let them leave a deep impression. Some common entertainment facilities LED curved screen + LED tile screen, LED curved screen + interactive tile screen and so on.

LED display screen with superior visibility and strong visual impact, the ability to reconstruct the relationship between the content and the display space, to become a diversified immersive experience of the mainstream choice, by the pavilion display field, museums, exhibition centers, entertainment field and so on. Interactivity and immersion are the two main features of immersive LED display, whether it is naked eye 3D, XR virtual shooting, or immersive display, in the immersive experience market, the scene built with LED display can attract people’s attention very well. I believe that after 2024 5G, artificial intelligence, VR, AR and other technologies continue to mature, there will be more and more new technologies will be applied to the LED display, opening a new process of immersive experience.

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