• Flexible LED Display for Creative Irregular Shape
  • Flexible LED Display for Creative Irregular Shape
  • Flexible LED Display for Creative Irregular Shape

Flexible LED Display for Creative Irregular Shape

Thin, light and pliable

Large viewing angle

Creative as you want

Smooth splicing, super high flatness


  • Min.Order Quantity: 2 Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 3000 Square Meters per Month
  • Certificates: CE, RoHS, FCC, LVD
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Payment: Credit Card, T/T, Western Union, PayPal
  • Feature

    SRYLED soft LED module is thin and light, only 170g/pc, thickness is 8mm. It fixed on led cabinet by magnets, frame is good quality silicone material. Main model has P1.875, P2, P2.5, P3 and P4.

    flexible led display (4)
    flexible led display (3)

    Magnet connection

    Instead of screws, flexible LED module use magnets. All flexible LED display are front access, it is easier to assemble and maintenance. Besides, the magnets are all set in LED modules, make zero gap between LED modules and cabinets.

    Easy Installation

    Soft LED display is completely front maintained, it is easy to assemble and maintain.

    flexible led display (2)
    flexible led display (1)

    Seamless Splicing

    Soft LED modules can make seamless circle and curved LED display, while common curved LED display show small lines when it turn off. Besides, soft LED modules can smallest circle LED display, diameter is 30cm.

    High Flexibility

    SRYLED soft LED modules can make 180° angle, it is suitable for circle pillar , arch and other special shape LED display.

    flexible led display (5)

    Our Service

    1, Free technical training if needed. ---Client can visit SRYLED factory, and SRYLED technician will teach you how to use LED display and repair LED display.

    2, Professional after sale service.

    ---Our technician will help you to configure LED screen by remote if you don’t know how to make LED screen work.

    --- We send you spare part LED modules, power supply, controller card and cables. And we repair LED modules for you all life.

    3, Local installation is supported. ---Our technician can go to your place to install LED screen if needed.

    4, LOGO print. ---SRYLED can print LOGO free even if buy 1 piece sample.


    Q. You can only produce these special shape as you show? ---A. SRYLED can customized all different shapes according to your actual installation position.

    Q. How long time is needed to produce? ---A. Customization LED display production is about 1-2 month. It depends on the shape is complicated or simple.

    Q. How long does shipping take? ---A. Express and air shipping usually take 5-10 days. Sea shipping takes about 15-55 days according to different country.

    Q. What trade terms do you support? ---A. We usually do FOB, CIF, DDU, DDP, EXW terms.

    Q. This is the first time to import, I don’t know how to do. ---A. We offer DDP door to door service, you just need to pay us, then wait to receive order.

    How We Do?

    1, Order type -- We have many hot sale model LED video wall  ready to ship, and we also support OEM and ODM. We can customize LED screen size, shape, pixel pitch, color and package according to customer's request.

    2, Payment method -- T/T, L/C, PayPal, credit card, Western Union and cash are all available.

    3, Shipping way -- We usually ship by sea or by air. if order is urgent, express such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT and EMS are all okay.



    SRYLED can customize LED display for all kinds of shape. Such as can, tree, circle, donut, diamond, triangle, star, face, arch.

    tree led display
    circle led display
    curved led display
    irregular led display

    Product Parameter






    Pixel Pitch





    Led Chip






    284,444 dots/m2

    250,000 dots/m2

    160,000 dots/m2

    62,500 dots/m2

    Module Size

    240 x 120 mm

    240 x 120 mm

    240 x 120 mm

    256 x 128 mm

    Module Resolution

    128 x 64 dots

    120 x 60dots

    96 x 48 dots

    64 x 32 dots

    Drive Method

    1/32 Scan

    1/30 Scan

    1/24 Scan

    1/16 Scan

    Viewing Angle

    H: 160°, V:160°

    H: 160°, V:160°

    H: 160°, V:160°

    H: 160°, V:160°


    600 nits

    600 nits

    800 nits

    900 nits

    Working Voltage

    DC 5V

    DC 5V

    DC 5V

    DC 5V


    CE, RoHS, FCC

    CE, RoHS, FCC

    CE, RoHS, FCC

    CE, RoHS, FCC

    Life Span

    100,000 Hours

    100,000 Hours

    100,000 Hours

    100,000 Hours

    Your Professional Flexible LED Screen Supplier

    We are professional Flexible LED Display manufacturers with over10 years of experience. No design is too complex and no project is too large for us to implement. Our team will work closely in consultation with you and other relevant project consultants to deliver stunning Flexible LED Display.

    Further, SRYLEDFlexible LED Display are produced from our very own flexible video wall factory. This gives us full control over production and enables us to maintain high quality standards. We also have the capacity to produce Flexible LED Display in bulk and in any size that your display may require.

    What is a Flexible LED Video Display?

    A flexible LED display is made up of LED pixels pitched on a pliable material like rubber or PCB. It is insulated using a flexible transparent material on both sides to protect the LED circuit from getting damaged. This structure makes  flexible LED display highly resilient. They can be contorted during installation and still deliver crisp images.

    A flexible video wall consists of many foldable LED screens mounted together. It can take different shapes depending on how the individual screens are arranged. Theflexible LED display panels are joined using magnets along their borderlines to create a seamless video wall display.

    In terms of installation,flexible LED display can be mounted in almost any design. Other advantages of this type of LED display include:

    ——A space-efficient compact design because the LEDs are not mounted on a solid substrate.

    ——Easy to install given the pliable structure

    ——Highly customizable in terms of size, shape, and pixel pitch.

    ——Easy to maintain as the LED circuits are easily accessible.

    ——Mobility- a flexible LED video wall can easily be mounted, dismantled, and folded for storage or transportation.

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