What’s the Difference Between LED Display and LCD Display?

As an alternative to traditional poster display carriers, LED advertising screens have won the market long ago with dynamic images and rich colors. We all know that LED advertising screens include LED screens and LCD liquid crystal screens. But many people don’t know what is the difference between an LED screen and an LCD screen.

1. Brightness

The response speed of a single element of the LED display is 1000 times that of the LCD screen, and its brightness is more advantageous than the LCD screen. The LED display can also be seen clearly under strong light, and can be used for outdoor advertising, LCD display can only for indoor use.

2. Color gamut

The color gamut of the LCD screen can generally only reach 70%. The LED display color gamut can reach 100%.

3. Splicing

The LED large screen has a good experience, can achieve seamless splicing, and the display effect is consistent. The LCD display screen has obvious gaps after splicing, and the mirror reflection is serious, after splicing for a period of time. Due to the different degree of attenuation of the LCD screen, the consistency is different, which will affect the look and feel.

LED and LCD difference

4. Maintenance cost

The maintenance cost of the LED screen is low, and once the LCD screen leaks, the entire screen must be replaced. The LED screen only needs to replace the module accessories.

5. Application range.

The application range of LED display is wider than that of LCD display. It can display various characters, numbers, color images and animation information, and can also play color video signals such as TV, video, VCD, DVD, etc. More importantly, it can use multiple The display screen is broadcast online. But LCD displays will have more advantages at close range and on small screens.

6. Power consumption

When the LCD display is turned on, the entire backlight layer is turned on, which can only be fully turned on or turned off, and the power consumption is high. Each pixel of the LED display works independently and can light up some pixels individually, so the power consumption of the LED display screen will be lower.

7. Environmental protection

LED display backlight is more environmentally friendly than LCD screen. The LED display backlight is lighter and consumes less fuel when shipping. LED screens are more environmentally friendly than LCD screens when disposed of, because LCD screens contain trace amounts of mercury. The longer lifespan also reduces waste generation.

8. Irregular shape

LED display can make transparent LED display, curved LED display, flexible LED display and other irregular LED display, while LCD display cannot achieve.

flexible led display

9. Viewing angle

The angle of the LCD display screen is very limited, which is a very lively and troublesome problem. As long as the angle of deviation is slightly larger, the original color cannot be seen, or even nothing. The LED can provide a viewing angle of up to 160°, which has great advantages.

10. Contrast ratio

The currently known relatively high-contrast LCD display is 350:1, but in many cases, it cannot meet various needs, but LED display can reach higher and be used more widely.

11. Appearance

The LED display is based on light-emitting diodes. Compared with the LCD screen, the display can be made thinner.

12. Lifespan

LED displays can generally work about 100,000 hours, while LCD displays generally work 60,000 hours.

indoor LED screen

In the field of LED advertising screens, whether it is LED screen or LCD screen, the two types of screens may be different in many places, but in reality, the use is mainly for display, but the application field is to follow up the demand measure.

Post time: Jul-02-2022

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