What Are The Future Growth Points Of LED Display?

Recently, the World Cup event in Qatar made the LED display once again making the overseas market soaring. However, the World Cup in Qatar is only a short-term event. Regarding the wonderful performance of overseas markets in 2022, many people in the industry can’t help but worry about the changes in 2023 and the changes in future demand momentum.

Leyard believes that the demand for the LED display industry was relatively strong last year, because the recovery of the epidemic and the improvement of the cost performance of some new products have opened up market demand. The mid-to-high-end market faced by direct sales was originally obtained mainly through government bidding, and travel was restricted due to control. Many such projects could not be carried out normally, so part of the demand was suppressed. If future demand rebounds, plus The emergence of new technologies will bring about a drop in product prices, and the entire industry will have a relatively large recovery.

The second increase in demand, Liard said, comes from the domestic sinking market. Last year, the development of small-pitch LED display in the sinking market just started, and the impact of control policies this year is also more obvious. If it can be stable later, it is expected that there will be an increase.

small pitch LED display

The third is the development of new markets. Leyard introduced that the products it cooperated with LG in 2019 passed the DCI certification, and LG took the lead in promoting LED movie screens in the overseas cinema market. In October, Leyard LED movie screens also passed the DCI certification, which means In the future, we can use our own brand to expand the theater market globally.

For overseas, relatively speaking, this year has entered a relatively normal growth trajectory. The new growth point in the future may be the promotion of new products such as Micro LED overseas. In addition, there are more and more applications and displays of virtual shooting or metaverse in different fields. Judging from Leyard’s own cultural tourism night tour and many virtual reality projects, this part will also bring new market space.

virtual studio

In this regard, Unilumin Technology also stated that the current foreign market demand is released due to the normalization of the epidemic, and the order situation is relatively good.

Although the domestic market was affected by the epidemic in the early stage, the release of demand was temporarily delayed, which reduced the growth base for next year. But in the long run, the country will pay more attention to manufacturing power, digital power and spiritual and cultural construction in the future. As a high-end manufacturing industry and a digital human-computer interaction platform, LED display will have a broad market space in the future.

As overseas markets gradually come out of the haze, the process of global exhibitions has also quickly restarted. Absen said that in 2022, the company will participate in exhibitions in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and other places for many times, and at the same time combine online marketing and other forms to showcase new products, new technologies and solutions to global customers.

With the full recovery of overseas markets, Absen’s international market business grew rapidly during the reporting period. The company seized the opportunity of demand recovery in some overseas markets, continued to increase strategic investment in key areas and key markets, increased personnel travel, vigorously built localized channels to carry out business, and achieved rapid business recovery in overseas markets.


After years of development, the LED display industry has shifted from the initial extensive price competition to the comprehensive strength competition represented by capital and technology. The advantages are more prominent, the industrial concentration is further accelerated, and the clearing of the industry is intensified.

But it is worth noting that the exploration of new markets and the innovation of new technologies in the LED display industry in 2022 will bring the industry to a new stage. Now that the offline consumption scene is gradually recovering, it is necessary to seize opportunities to maintain growth, and to bring more innovations in new opportunities.

Post time: Dec-22-2022

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