We are pleased to announce that the badminton competition held by our company on February 25 was a complete success! The colleagues united as one and fought bravely in the competition, showing the cohesion and vitality of the company. The event is a true testament to sportsmanship, camaraderie and healthy competition.5

Competitors from different departments of the company came together to show their skills on the field and take the competition seriously. Colleagues communicated with each other after the competition, which promoted the communication and understanding between each other. The mutual support and encouragement of everyone made the whole event more harmonious, warm and joyful.6

Despite the intense competition, the atmosphere was positive and encouraging, with contestants cheering each other on and showing support for their teammates. It was heartwarming to see the sense of community built around the event.7

In the doubles competition, after fierce competition, the doubles team composed of Li and Alan finally won the championship. Relying on their agility and tacit cooperation, they played superb game skills on the field and presented a wonderful game for the audience. The runner-up was a doubles team consisting of Shelly and tang, and their collaboration also amazed the audience. The third place was won by Kilo and Alice, and their performance was equally admirable.8

In the singles competition, Alan was even more outstanding. With his excellent skills and calm mind, he won the championship in the competition. Yang and Sam from the company won the runner-up and third place respectively in the singles competition, and their performances were equally commendable.9

After a day of grueling competition, the final winner was crowned. We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the winning teams and individuals, who are well deserved. But we also want to recognize and celebrate each and every one of the competitors who took part in the competition because it is their hard work, dedication and sportsmanship that have made the event such a huge success.3

The success of this event is inseparable from the support and organization of leaders at all levels of the company, and it is inseparable from the active participation and efforts of colleagues in the company. They interpreted the company’s cultural concept of “unity and vitality” with their own practical actions, and demonstrated the company’s cohesion and centripetal force. We believe that our team will be more united in the future and create more excellent performance for the company’s development.2

Post time: Mar-20-2023

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