SRYLED 2022 Outreach Training in Huizhou

From August 26th to 28th, in order to improve work efficiency and enhance team cohesion, all employees of Shenzhen SRYLED Photoelectric Co., Ltd. went to Huizhou to participate in outreach training.


Development training is hard and tired, with laughter and tears. After the ice-breaking session, we were divided into several groups and asked to elect the captain within 10 minutes, choose the team name, write the slogan, and the preparations for the start of the expansion training made us feel the tense atmosphere as if we were going to the battlefield. From this moment on.

Loud slogans and passionate team members make the beautiful Nakano outdoor development training base more splendid. We have trained in various projects. In the process, we are not only full of strength, but also feel the strength and support of the team that we have not felt for a long time. Each process gathers the strength of each individual, and the collaboration and strategy of the team are indispensable. Our team spirit and overall awareness of supporting each other are fully reflected.


Saying is an art, doing is an experience. Indeed, each project of the Outward Bound training requires teammates to complete through the collective strength and wisdom. Through this outreach training, I will improve from the following three aspects in comparison with my own work. First, adjust the mentality and radiate passion. The second is to have the courage to challenge and make breakthroughs. The third is to have a sense of responsibility and mission. We need to be neither anxious, but calm and decisive, create a relaxed working atmosphere, build up the confidence of employees in their work, constantly stimulate the passion of all employees, maintain an efficient and innovative way of working, and keep our team at a high level. Development trend, from excellent to excellent.

Post time: Aug-30-2022

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