Small-pitch LED Display Plays a Big Role in the Security Market

According to the survey data, in 2021, the scale of display equipment in China’s overall security market is 21.4 billion yuan, an increase of 31% over the same period. Among them, the monitoring and visualization large-screen equipment (LCD splicing screen, small-pitch LED screen) has the largest market size, accounting for 49%, reaching 10.5 billion yuan.

A major feature of the security visualization display market in 2021 is that the market size of small-pitch LED displays has begun to grow rapidly. In particular, for products with spacing below P1.0, the advantages of splicing visual effects have gradually emerged. At the same time, the price of products with spacing between P1.2-P1.8 has continued to decline. It has played a major role in the high-end security market, and security display has truly entered the “seamless era”,¬†optional technology path.

small pitch LED screen

Industry insiders said, “The more projects with high value-added functions such as command and dispatch, the more friendly customers are to small-pitch LED screens.” From a certain perspective, small-pitch LED displays are replacing 1.8mm-pitch LCD splicing screens, becoming one of the “representatives of the high-end market” technologies for security visualization.

In 2021, most of the increase in demand for security visualization display will come from “high-quality transformation of traditional needs”. That is, with the development of smart security and IoT security concepts, the demand for security display based on “data display” rather than simple “video reproduction” functions has grown rapidly.

For example, during construction, the security display changed from “video playback” to “video playback + ‘integrated community video surveillance, intelligent analysis, access control system, entrance and exit management, electronic fence, electronic patrol and other systems’ full-element data”, And then form a “deep visualization security application” mode with “event and thing tracking” as the main real-time display content.


From the perspective of the security display market, in the security system in the “data” era, the total amount of content to be displayed is bound to “dramatically increase”. This is obviously good news for more “display” needs: complex applications, in-depth applications and AI smart security have become the main driving force for the growth of display terminal demand in the industry. Especially in the context of the increasingly saturated market of security visualization display, quality improvement will be the only center of industry growth in the next era.

With the continuous improvement of LED display to smaller pitch and the continuous progress of IMD, COB, Mini/Micro technology, the security market scale will continue to expand, and LED display companies will usher in huge opportunities.

Post time: Oct-25-2022

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