Rising Star of Film Industry-Virtual Production Studio

Since the birth of the film industry, projection equipment has become a standard equipment that has remained unchanged for a century. In recent years, due to the development of small pitch LED display, movie LED screens have become a new route for movie playback with high-definition display effects. LED display technology not only shines in front of the stage, but also becomes a new driving force for the film industry behind the scenes. Digital LED virtual studio will greatly improve the recording efficiency of special effects shots and promote the development of film and television industry. The principle of the virtual studio is to surround the shooting site with a multi-sided screen, and the 3D scene generated by the computer is projected onto the screen and combined with the activities of the live actors, thereby creating a real-time scene with a realistic picture and a strong three-dimensional sense. The emergence of virtual studios is like injecting fresh blood into the production of the film and television industry. It not only improves the overall efficiency, saves costs, but also optimizes the presentation effect.

The main body of the digital LED virtual studio is the indoor recording background composed of LED displays, which is used to replace the traditional green screen. In the past, film special effects recording required actors to complete the performance on the green screen, and then the special effects team used computers to process the screen and insert the actors into the special effects scene. The processing process was long and complicated, and there were only few of first-class special effects teams in the world. Many classic special effects clips even take up to a year to complete, which affects the shooting efficiency of film and television works. LED virtual production studio solves this shortcoming and improves processing efficiency.

virtual studio

The popular “special photography” shooting in the last century, such as the “Ultraman” and “Godzilla” series, has a large number of stunt clips that need to be shot indoors. Due to technical limitations, a large number of physical models need to be produced. Demolition and destruction caused a great burden on the props team. The LED virtual production studio can effectively solve this problem, and the scene props can be replaced by virtual video and used many times.

Virtual studio technology is also applied to conference scenes, and cross-regional conferences in science fiction movies have been realized. In the future, 3D visual effects technology may be used to create holographic images to enhance the interactive experience between people and videos.

Virtual photography also extends another technology – XR technology, namely Extended Reality (Extended Reality) technology, generally refers to the integration of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) and other technologies. The 3D visual interaction system and immersive experience change the way people acquire information, experience, and connect with each other. Extended reality (XR) technology can eliminate the distance between reality and “reset” people’s relationship in time and space. And this technology is called the ultimate form of future interaction, and it will completely change the way we work, live and socialize. The combination of XR technology and LED curtain wall provides a more immersive and realistic background for the shooting content, which greatly saves production time and cost.

XR stage

The advantages of LED digital virtual photography technology can already replace the traditional green screen shooting method, and its huge potential has also been shown, and it has been applied to scenes other than film and television works. At present, LED digital virtual photography has become a new blue ocean market like movie LED screens. A new film and television revolution is coming.

Post time: May-13-2022

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