Mirco Pitch LED Display Play an Important Role for Command Center

With the rapid development of the information age, the speed and delay of data transmission have reached a level that can be ignored. On this basis, the security monitoring center and emergency command center are its important core parts, and the LED display screen is the dominant key point of the human-computer interaction of the entire dispatching system. It has a dominant position in the overall work operation process. The LED display system is mainly used for the distribution and sharing of data and information, human-computer interaction to assist decision-making, real-time monitoring of information and data, and video conference discussions. We will introduce the main function of large HD LED screen in the command control center.

Fine Pitch LED Panel

Aid in decision making and gather information for HD display systems

The large LED screen needs to display the various data collected and organized by the system, as well as the analysis and calculation results of various models, in the most concise and intuitive form according to the needs of decision makers, or to display some control screens, which also requires LEDs. The large LED screen has a high-definition display effect. With the advancement of technology, fine pitch LED display has been widely used. Therefore, it is beneficial for the decision-making layer to quickly and accurately understand the current situation, judge and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various scheduling schemes, and assist them to make better decisions.

Real-time monitoring, 24-hour uninterrupted supervision

The LED screen display system needs to work continuously, which requires very high quality. In the process of monitoring and displaying, even one second cannot be missed, because any unexpected situation may occur at any time. The management procedure of various data information by the command and dispatch system is the focus of the whole dispatch work to ensure the timeliness and control of the dispatch work. SRYLED can make dual backup for power and signal, to achieve never black screen.

Consultation system, video conference consultation assists dispatching and commanding work

The purpose of establishing large LED display screen video conference consultation system is to realize intuitive and efficient dispatch and command work, avoid the problem that the no-image mode of the teleconference is not intuitive and clear, and can vividly display various decisions and plans. Emergencies can also be dealt with more effectively in a timely manner.

monitor room LED display

As the command control center, which is the core area of highly system integration, highly unified deployment, and emergency handling of emergencies, there is a strong demand for this kind of more accurate visualization technology that is helpful for formal judgment. Optoelectronics Technology Group’s micro-pitch LED screen equipped with control management software has powerful integrated control and management capabilities, which can realize centralized linkage control of mobile handheld terminals, display units, matrix switching equipment, multi-function equipment and other related peripherals in large-screen systems. It provides an interactive comprehensive information display platform with fast response, complete functions and advanced technology for information sharing for the command control center, and provides a complete solution with leading technology for information visualization management in various industries, and improves the efficiency of decision-making.

The HD micro-pitch LED display unit is specially designed for the high-definition display requirements of the control room. It has significant advantages such as high definition, low brightness and high gray, stable operation, low failure rate, fast maintenance, and low maintenance cost. It also has single pixel correction technology, brightness auto-adjustment technology, support wireless handheld device control.

The whole set of distributed cloud control system can manage more than 10,000 signal input and output nodes. It is not limited by the signal transmission distance, and organically integrates multiple sets of display walls and various signal resources distributed in various functional departments to realize information resources. Unified management of sharing and display walls.

Post time: Jun-28-2022

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