LED Display Common Problems and Solutions

LED display screen is widely used for different applications now. It is deeply loved by the majority of users due to its seamless splicing, energy saving, delicate picture and other characteristics. However, there is some small problems in the process of use. The following are some common problems and solutions.

large led display

Problem 1, there is an area of the LED screen where the LED module displays abnormally, for example, all messy colors are flashing.

Solution 1, probably it is the problem of the receiving card, check which receiving card controls the area, and replace the receiving card to solve the problem. 

Problem 2, one line on the LED display is abnormally displayed, with flickering variegated colors.

Solution 2, start the inspection from the abnormal position of the LED module, check whether the cable is loose, and whether the cable interface of the LED module is damaged. If there is any problem, replace the cable or the faulty LED module in time.

Problem 3, There are sporadic non-lighting pixels in the whole LED screen, also called black spots or dead LED.

Solution 3, if it does not appear in patches, as long as it is within the range of the failure rate, it generally does not affect the display effect. If you mind this problem, please replace a new LED module.

Problem 4, when the LED display is powered on, LED display can’t be turn on, and the same is true for repeated operations.

Solution 4, check where the power line is short-circuited, especially the positive and negative power line connectors to see if they are touching, and the connectors on the power switch.  The other is to prevent metal objects from falling inside the screen.

Problem 5, A certain LED module on the LED display screen has flashing squares, variegated colors, and several consecutive pixels side by side display abnormally.

Solution5, this is LED module problem. Just replace the defect LED module. Now many indoor LED screens installed are attached on wall by magnets. Use a vacuum magnet tool to suck out the LED module and replace it.

Front access LED display

Problem 6, a large area of the LED display screen does not display image or video, and it is all black.

Solution 6, Consider the power supply problem first, check from the defect LED module to see if the power supply is broken and there is no electricity, check if the cable is loose and the signal has not been transmitted, and if the receiving card is damaged, check them one by one to find the real problem.

Problem 7, when the LED display screen plays videos or pictures, the computer software display area is normal, but LED screen sometimes appears stuck and black.

Solution 7, it is may caused by bad quality network cable. The black screen is stuck due to packet loss in video data transmission. It can be solved by replacing a better quality network cable.

Problem 8, I want the LED display to synchronize with the full screen display of the computer desktop.

Solution 8, You need to connect a video processor to realize the function. if LED screen is equipped with a video processor, it can be adjusted on the video processor to synchronize the computer screen to the large LED display.

stage LED screen

Problem 9, the LED display software window is displayed normally, but the picture on the screen is disordered, staggered, or divided into multiple windows to display the same picture separately.

Solution 9, it is a software setting problem, which can be solved by entering the software setting and setting it correctly again.

Problem 10, the computer network cable is well connected to LED large screen, but the software prompts “no large screen system found”, even the LED screen can play pictures and videos normally, but the data sent by the software settings are all failed.

Solution 10, Generally, there is a problem with the sending card, which can be solved by replacing the sending card.

Post time: Apr-28-2022

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