How to Choose Right Brightness for LED Display?

As we all know, the brightness of LED display is an important parameter. For the uninitiated, the higher the brightness, the better. But in fact, the right one is the best. Otherwise, if the brightness is too high, the energy consumption will increase, but if the brightness is too low, the desired effect will not be achieved. So, how should we choose a LED display with the right brightness?

In the field of LED display, we can divide it into indoor LED display and outdoor LED display. In order to enable the LED display to perform well in different light environments, it is often necessary to adjust the brightness according to the usage environment.

outdoor led screen

If the installation location of the outdoor LED display is facing the south or the southwest, when the direct sunlight is strong, the brightness of LED display is relatively high, generally need to be above 7000cd/m2, if it is facing the north or the northeast direction, the brightness It can be appropriately lower, around 5500cd/m2, if the brightness of the outdoor LED display screen in the shaded area of tall buildings and trees in the city is 4000cd/m2.

Compared with outdoor LED display, the brightness of indoor LED display can be slightly lower, mainly depends on its actual use scene. If it is installed by the window to play outside, the brightness needs to be above 3000cd/m2, if it is installed by the window to play inward, the brightness needs to be about 2000cd/m2, and the indoor LED display installed in general shopping malls should be around 1000cd/m2, the brightness of the LED display in the conference room only needs to be 500cd/m2~800cd/m2.

indoor led screen

The light environment is not only related to the location and orientation of the LED display installation, but also to changes in the season and climate environment. Therefore, in practical applications, targeted display application solutions are also essential.

SRYLED has been focusing on the field of LED display for nearly 10 years. With mature experience in R&D and manufacturing, it has provided high-quality LED display equipment for countless customers. Our MG series products have been developed and produced for many years, have mature technical support, and have been verified by the market. They are a popular outdoor LED display. MG series products have the following features.

1, High brightness. The brightness can reach more than 8000nit, and the picture effect under strong outdoor light is still clear.

2, High precision. Die Cast magnesium integrated molding process CNC machining, shape tolerance < 0.1mm, high assembly precision, good flatness.

3, Lighter and thinner. 25kg/m2 lighter than conventional iron boxes and 20% thinner than conventional boxes, saving transportation space, light weight and low transportation costs, reducing the load-bearing requirements of buildings and steel structures.

4, Optional front maintenance design. Optional front maintenance front installation module, easy installation and maintenance on the wall.

5, Low-cost upgrade. One LED cabinet can be adapted to outdoor P2.5 to P10mm spacing modules, the upgrade does not need to replace the LED cabinet, the cost is low and easier, saving labor costs.

6, High cost performance. MG series LED Display has IP65 protection grade, and it is aluminum-magnesium alloy material, weather resistance, salt spray resistance and corrosion resistance.

Post time: Mar-21-2022

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