How Should the LED Display Cope With the High Temperature?

Summer is coming, for LED display, in addition to lightning protection, we must also pay attention to the high temperature in summer, especially outdoor LED display. In some countries and regions, the outdoor temperature in summer is sometimes as high as 38°- 42°, and the LED display is still working continuously. Is there any danger to the advertising LED display when it is baked at such a high temperature? How should the LED display cope with the high temperature test?

advertising led display

1. Excellent material selection

LED display is composed of a mask, a circuit board, and a bottom case. In order to prevent moisture, the waterproof glue used in the LED display is also an important part of the LED display. The mask and bottom shell are all made of quality-proven PC glass fiber material with flame retardant function. The circuit board is sprayed with black three-proof paint to prevent weathering and corrosion.

2. Solve the problem of heat dissipation

The larger the area of the LED display, the more power used, and the more obvious the heat. In addition, the sun is strong in summer, and the high temperature outside makes it difficult to dissipate heat. In order to solve the problem of heat dissipation, it is necessary to adjust the appearance design and internal structure of the LED display screen, adopt a hollow design, and design the circuit board with high density and high precision. The interior adopts a macro-permeable design, which does not produce accumulated rain and does not cause the danger of short circuit of wires. No fan is added to reduce the load of the LED circuit, and the combination of inside and outside can achieve high-efficiency heat dissipation. If conditions permit, air conditioners can be installed outside the LED display to reduce the surrounding temperature.

led display structure

3. Correct installation 

The LED display is a high-power electrical appliance, which is prone to short circuit. However, a high-quality led display screen will eliminate the short circuit phenomenon from the wire to the structure. However, a little carelessness in the installation process can cause unexpected dangers. In order to ensure safety, it is necessary to ensure that the positive and negative electrodes are connected correctly, to ensure that the circuit connection is firm, and to remove flammable substances around the LED display. And regularly arrange professional and technical personnel to test and check the led display.

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Post time: Aug-10-2022

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