How Does LED Display Help New Commercial Display?

Under the birth of the epidemic economy, the industrial environment of LED display has undergone tremendous changes. By combining the LED display with creative content, creating novel commercial display scenarios such as immersive, naked-eye 3D, and window screens, it has gradually developed into a unique communication medium. According to data released by relevant agencies, the market value of the new business LED display in 2021 will be about 45 billion US dollars. It is predicted that by 2030, the market value will reach 84.7 billion US dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 7%. It can be seen that the development prospects of new business display very impressive.

naked eye 3D led display

LED display becomes the “main force” of new commercial display

In the application of new commercial display, led display stands out by virtue of its high-definition display, flexible size, high reliability and many advantages, and plays an important role in commercial retail window, interior decoration, building facade and other fields, and has become a new commercial display format. main force. So, what can the LED display bring to the new commercial display?

1, Strengthen the connection with customers. Enhance customer engagement through dynamic, interactive led displays. LED displays allow customers to create a relevant and memorable connection with the brand, app, or event as soon as they walk through the door.

2. Quickly promote consumption. There is data to prove that it can increase impulse sales by creating a visual experience for customers, and help companies create more direct visual impulse purchases through creative display.

 3. Increase brand recognition. This powerful medium can help increase the visibility of a brand, app or event, attract the audience’s attention, motivate potential customers to take action, and ultimately increase sales.

Commercial display retail applications

In recent years, with the rise of the concept of “new retail”, ‍LED display has brought great changes to new retail. “New retail” means that enterprises rely on the Internet and focus on “design, interaction, and experience”, grafting scenes with more cross-border elements, satisfying consumers’ emotional needs for personalization and design sense, and enriching and diversifying experience, forming a new commercial space and atmosphere.

1 Creative design to create a unique shopping mall

The unique new retail design will enhance the overall image of the store in the minds of customers, and the creative and vivid content will make past customers unforgettable. In large-scale stores and shopping centers, large LED screens are used as display terminal scenes, combined with space environment, lighting, and beautiful furnishings to create highly creative shopping mall installations. Customize the playback content and screen shape to get more attention for the business.

small pitch LED display

2 Immersive interaction enhances customer stickiness

The large LED screen superimposed on interaction, big data cloud operation, VR and other technologies is used as the display terminal to create scenes with various shapes and rich contents, allowing users to interact physically with products, so that customers can more accurately and accurately find the products they need . At the same time, it can also realize multi-screen linkage, enhance brand recognition, create a retail scene full of digital immersive technology, and transform the store into a real experience center.

3 Experience upgrade to achieve creative marketing

Ultra small pitch LED screen, intelligent features, with the addition of shocking visual impact, create scenes that customers want and like, satisfy customers’ visual, auditory and physical sense, and help customers to reconstruct The relationship with consumers, and the use of big data integration capabilities to further analyze and organize the data, quickly help merchants to optimize and upgrade marketing, service experience and other aspects. Add luster to the development of the new retail industry and achieve new breakthroughs in creative marketing.

Post time: Jul-27-2022

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