Have You Seen It? The World’s First Led Stage

In the heart of iconic Times Square, TSX Entertainment, in collaboration with superstar Post Malone, has made history by introducing the first-ever permanent stage, 4,000 square feet. This remarkable stage unfolds magically in Duffy Square, captivating the imagination of countless spectators and redefining the traditional use of LED screens.

TSX LED Stage  (2)

The entire display system at TSX Broadway is a multi-screen integration, spanning from a massive wraparound LED display above Seventh Avenue to the rooftop of TSX Broadway. This cutting-edge system features various display assets, including the main screen, the grand canopy over the stage, the stage door itself, a large display on the building facade, and the pioneering LED “Crown” extending above the rooftop, all powered by SNA Displays’ EMPIRE™ Exterior series of Outdoor LED Display Technology.

Advertising LED Cabinet

The Main Screen:

This expansive 18,000-square-foot LED giant envelops the southeast corner of Seventh Avenue and 47th Street. Rising nine stories high, this massive display boasts an 8-millimeter pixel pitch and a resolution of 3,480 x 7,440 pixels. TSX Broadway’s main screen boasts an astounding 25.9 million pixels, making it the highest-resolution screen in Times Square’s history.


The LED Stage:

The standout feature of the main screen is a trendsetting 4,000-square-foot stage positioned in front of the Hilton Garden Inn Times Square. This stage, composed of a 4,000-foot-long main stage and a 180-square-foot platform, creates a hollow effect. TSX Broadway’s stage platform is anchored with a sturdy permanent cantilever design, suspending it 30 feet above the ground of Seventh Avenue. The set incorporates a massive LED door that swiftly opens and closes, weighing a staggering 86,000 pounds, yet it operates seamlessly, opening in just 15 seconds. Beyond fulfilling the expectations for live performances, this brand-new stage and billboard are available for rental, catering to premieres, personal events, and various marketing spectacles, unlocking boundless possibilities for advertising and entertainment in the industry.

TSX LED Stage (4)

Midlevel Display

Mid-level displays are prominent LED screens oriented southward, installed at the building’s midsection. Covering 3,000 square feet, these screens stand tall at 68 feet 6 inches and are 44 feet wide, featuring a 20-millimeter pixel pitch with a resolution of 1,044 x 672 pixels.TSX LED Stage (5)

The LED Crown:

Spanning nearly 2,000 square feet, the LED Crown Display faces downtown, residential areas, and the west side of Manhattan and New Jersey. This pioneering LED rooftop display boasts a 20-millimeter pixel pitch and an overall size of approximately 15 feet by 132 feet (228 x 2,016 pixels). While not the tallest in New York, it is undoubtedly one of the most impressive LED screens.


TSX Broadway’s LED stage brings a visual spectacle to Times Square. This innovative project adds a unique charm to Times Square and offers limitless potential for future events, performances, and advertising marketing. Times Square will continue to symbolize innovation, signifying endless development and innovation in LED screen technology and advertising approaches, reaffirming SRYLED’s commitment to exploring the limitless potential of LED display screen technology!

Post time: Sep-22-2023

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