Global Largest Virtual Production Studio Born In Vancouver

In 2023, NantStudios joined hands with Unilumin ROE to build a virtual studio with an area of about 2,400 square meters at Stage 1 of Docklands Studios in Melbourne, Australia with the most advanced equipment and technology, breaking the Guinness record of the world’s largest LED stage in 2021 and becoming Now the world’s largest virtual studio!


Global Largest Virtual Production Studio Born in Vancouver


As early as 2021, NantStudios cooperated with Lux Machina and Unilumin ROE to build an ICVFX virtual studio in California. The fourth season of the very famous HBO “Western World” was filmed here and achieved complete success.


NantStudios built two LED virtual studios in Melbourne’s Docklands Studios – Stage 1 and Stage 3, and once again selected Unilumin ROE’s LED products, technologies and solutions.



Stage 1 uses 4,704 pieces of Unilumin ROE’s BP2V2 series LED large screens as the main background wall of the virtual studio, and 1,083 pieces of CB5 series products as the sky screen, which are specially used for large-scale film and TV shooting. With a total area of 2,400 square meters, it ranks among the current The world’s largest virtual production studio.


The World's Largest Virtual Studio with Stage 1



Stage 3 is built with 1888 pieces of Ruby2.3 LEDs suitable for film and television shooting and 422 pieces of CB3LEDs, mainly used for small and medium-sized shooting projects.


The World's Largest Virtual Studio with Stage 2


The world’s largest LED virtual studio built by NantStudios at Docklands Studios in Melbourne and Unilumin ROE provides LED products and technologies is leading the development of the global film industry. With lower cost, higher efficiency and “what you see is what you get” shooting effect, it has changed the way of traditional content production and created new employment opportunities and educational prospects.


Antony Tulloch, CEO of Docklands Studios Melbourne commented: “The scale and technology of the LED studio built by NantStudios has injected new vitality into the film and television shooting of Docklands Studios. We look forward to producing more great works here and bringing you more The shocking visual effects experience also looks forward to cultivating more technical personnel for the local area and stimulating the growth of the local industry.”


Antony Tulloch, CEO of Docklands Studios Melbourne


One of the main advantages of virtual studios is their ability to create an immersive experience for viewers. Another advantage of virtual studios is their flexibility. They are used in everything from live streaming events to creating pre-recorded content for marketing or training purposes. Virtual studios can be customized to meet the specific needs of different industries and businesses, making them an invaluable tool for organizations looking to improve their online presence and engagement.


Virtual Studio Example 2


Looking ahead, the prospects for the development of virtual studios are bright. As technology continues to advance, virtual studios may become more sophisticated, offering features and functionality that enable them to provide audiences with a more immersive and engaging experience. With the continued shift to remote work and digital communication, the demand for virtual studios is only expected to increase in the coming years. This is an exciting time for the industry and let’s hope it brings more surprises !


Virtual Studio Example 1

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