Beijing Winter Olympics Closed Perfectly

On February 20, the Olympic flame that had been burning for 17 days was slowly extinguished, and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics ended perfectly.

The largest 3D LED floor screen displays, the ultimate beauty of visual effects

The design of the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics is still simple, and only a 10,600 square meters 8K ultra high definition LED floor screen is retained in the Bird’s Nest. Echoing the 1,000 square meters ultra high definition broadcast screens on the north and south sides, the director uses digital display technology to express ethereal and romantic.

Winter Olympic 2022

 The opening and closing ceremonies used the design of the largest LED floor display in the history of the Olympic Games, which is the most realistic ice surface effect unprecedented in history. It is the most extreme requirement for the LED floor display. In order to ensure the consistency of visual effects, in addition to providing LED floor display in the central core area, Leyard provided a display and broadcast control system for the entire performance. The actual video resolution of the ground LED stage is 14880×7248 pixels, up to 4pcs 8K resolutions, which can present an ultra high contrast ratio of 100000 : 1, which perfectly presents the naked-eye 3D effect.

The most tear-jerking double Olympic moment, you can always trust China

The extinguishing of the torch is the emotional peak of the closing ceremony. When the director team applied the naked-eye 3D technology to bring the 2008 Olympics and the current Winter Olympics together in time and space, historical moments overlapped each other at this moment, and countless memories came to mind.

Beijing Olympic

From 2008 to 2022, when audiovisual technology resonated with the Olympic Games again, countless people witnessed the growth of the City of Double Olympic. and the rise of China’s technological power. After 14 years of accumulation, China has once again used the world’s leading visual technology to leave the world with a classic aftertaste, remember the glory, and move towards glory.

Post time: Feb-25-2022

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