《Element》 Premieres On The World’s First Led Screen

Recently, Samsung Electronics announced that Pixar Animation Studios has made its new cartoon “Crazy Element City” released globally on June 16 into 4K cinema-level high dynamic range (HDR) content, and it will be released on Samsung Onyx – Global Exclusive screening on the first cinema-quality LED screen. Audiences watching the film in Onyx theaters will enjoy a more captivating and vivid viewing experience through 4K cinematic HDR picture quality.


The Samsung Onyx is the world’s first DCI-certified cinema-grade LED screen, capable of delivering vivid colors and rich details. It changes and surpasses the traditional projector system that has been the industry standard for more than 100 years, overcoming the limitations of contrast and brightness, and capable of representing millions of colors that traditional projection cannot achieve.Elemental LED Display (9)

Academy Award-winning animation studio Pixar processed the film in 4K cinema-quality HDR, delivering a bright, sharp, rich, and detailed image that exceeds what can be achieved with traditional standard dynamic range (SDR)-based cinema projection systems Effect. Additionally, Pixar combined its influence with Samsung’s visual display expertise to create an LED theater never seen in cinema. Moviegoers can enjoy the 4K HDR version of Elemental City on Onyx screens.

Elemental LED Display (7)

“Pixar is known for pushing the boundaries of technology and art, and our latest movie, Elemental City, continues that tradition,” said Dominic Glynn, Senior Scientist at Pixar. “With Onyx, Samsung is taking a bold step forward in product A number of unique technologies have been deployed on the film, which has made a remarkable leap forward in movie image quality. For the first time, audiences will experience our high-brightness, rich, and detailed HDR image effects on a large, clear cinema screen, showing Pixar’s most powerful image to date. An ambitious title. HDR theaters provide a truly fresh visual experience for our global audience, and the Pixar film making team is excited to share this unique version of Elemental City with the world.”

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Over time, LED movie displays will bring us a richer, more stunning, and incredible viewing experience, change the way we interact with the digital world, and play an important role in the future development of technology. I believe that shortly, we will witness greater breakthroughs and innovations in this technology, let us welcome this bright future with great anticipation!


Post time: Jul-01-2023

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