CW Series Transparent LED Display
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CW Series Transparent LED Display

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High Transparency Rate, Ultra Slim & Light

Key Features
1. Module front serviceable
2. 70% high transparency rate
3. Ultra slim & light profile design
4. Two year factory warranty

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CW(cicada wing) Series Transparent LED Display

The CW-3.9 is a slim-profile transparent LED video panel designed to deliver performance and functionality to create truly unique eye-catching LED display designs. The CW-3.9 has a 3.91mm horizontal and 7.82mm vertical pixel pitch to deliver bold high-resolution, high-contrast images, and video content through a minimally obtrusive, low-profile cabinet design that seamlessly blends in with any architectural or stage design element. The slotted cabinet design of CW-3.9 makes it is capable of suiting holographic applications with vivid contrast and exceptionally clear resolution while allowing scenic elements from the rear to remain visible from the rear. High-performance LEDs rated at 4,500nits brightness, the CW-3.9 is capable of delivering optimal visibility in broad-daylight to suit in-window digital signage, along with a damp-rated IP54 protection rating for limited temporary outdoor applications.

The CW-3.9 comes in a lightweight, easy to install cabinet design for seamless gaps between panels with flexible mounting points to effortlessly accommodate both touring and permanent install applications. A 3,840+hz refresh rate ensures fluid image movements and exceptional, flicker-free on-camera performance. The CW-3.9 is front serviceable with modular sections for easy user-level serviceability. A NovaStar A4S receiving card with direct PCB connections ensure optimized stability and control to meet the highest degree of performance at an uncompromised value.


Model CW-3.9
Pixel Pitch

H: 3.91mm | V: 7.82mm

Cabinet Size 1000x500mm
Cabinet Resolution 256x64dots
Weight 6kg
Serviceability Front
Refresh Rate 3,840+HZ
Gray Scale 16Bit+/-
Brightness 4,500nits
Working Voltage 110-230V
Power Consumption Avg: 80W | Max: 260W
Power Connection PowerCon IN/THRU
Data Connection EtherCon IN/THRU
Operating Life 100,000hrs
Certificate CE, FCC, RoHS

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