GOB GR Series LED Display
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GOB GR Series LED Display

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GOB Ultra-protective LED Display

Key Features
1. Ultra-protective GOB
2. Golden 16:9 Aspect Ratio
3. Front -- Magnetic Module
4. NovaStar Control System
5. Two Years Factory Warranty

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GR Series GOB LED Display
What is GOB? 
GOB technology adopts high factor optics thermal conduction nano filler and special technique, makes encapsulation and matte optical processing on double faces of LED display PCB and LED SMD lamp. It resolves the biggest defect of led displays based on SMT technology; and subverts existing protection and display technology in led display flied. GOB led displays not only overcome the problems of weather resistance, moisture proof, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-impact, anti-collision, anti-static, anti-oxidation, lamp heat dissipation, anti-blue radiation, anti-UV etc., but also achieve the transformations from point light source to surface light source; illumination is much more uniform, viewing angle is highly improved (both vertical and horizontal viewing angle are very close to 180 degrees), moiré has been mostly reduced. Matte effect of GOB led displays highly improves their contrast, reduces glare and visual fatigue, and effectively protects audience’s safety and healthy.

GR series coming in a low-profile 16:9 aspect ratio form factor, can achieve golden 16:9 aspect ratio in a variety of sizes. GOB GR series cabinet with black-body LEDs deliver vivid, high-contrast image and video quality from close viewing distances. GOB GR series cabinet maintains a flicker-free, high refresh rate of over 3,840+hz for exceptional on-camera performance and more fluid image movements to better support HD content. 


Model GOB GR-0.9 GOB GR-1.2 GOB GR-1.5 GOB GR-1.6
Pixel Pitch 0.93mm 1.25mm 1.56mm 1.667mm
Module Size 300x168.75mm
Cabinet Size 600x337.5mm
Cabinet Resolution 640x360dots 480x270dots 384x216dots 360x202dots
Weight 6kg
Refresh Rate 3,840+HZ
Gray Scale 16Bit+/-
Brightness 500nits 800nits
Working Voltage 110-230V
Power Consumption Avg: 80W | Max: 170W
Power Connection Wireless Power IN/THRU
Data Connection Wireless Data IN/THRU
Operating Life 100,000hrs
Certificate CE, FCC, RoHS



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